Hellraising Sweet Suffering

DT and I made another batch of hot sauce two weekends ago – again, I’m gravely behind in composing this post.  We focused on our habanero pineapple blend, Sweet Suffering, this day.

We’ve upgraded our operation with some new equipment:

new equipment

Vitamix blender, pH tester, thermometer, glass baster

This blender….is on steroids.  Watch and see, watch and see….


Oh, and a ginormous stockpot:


I was introduced to Red Savina peppers, a hotter and more substantial variety of the habanero.

red savinas

We used a combination of the two for this batch.

habaneros and red savinas


habaneros and red savinas 2

Blast from the past….here is what DT’s Sweet Suffering looked like in a former life:

old Hellraising label 1

old Hellraising label 2

The recipe has been completely revamped, but this is kind of where it all began!

Now – look at what this blender can do….crushed pineapple and juice, carrots, onions, and garlic:

blending 1


blending 2

Now the peppers:

peppers in blender

blending 3

Voila.  Blended.

blending 4

Everybody into the pool!

into the stockpot

Onto the Reds.

measuring red savinas

blending red savinas

blending reds 2

blending reds 3

Liquid heat!

blending reds 4

blending reds 5

The blended Red Savinas are added to the habanero mixture in the pot.

pouring into stockpot 2

pouring into stockpot 3

simmering stockpot

Simmer, simmer, simmer, ’til it reaches the magic temperature:

taking temperature

Bottling with the new baster was MUCH easier this time around.

bottling 1

bottling 2

bottling 3

I think….we nailed this one.  Well, this batch was certainly much hotter because of the Savinas – we need to get the heat regulated.  But the consistency/pourability is spot-on, and the pineapple flavor is a quick delight before the heat descends.  I LOVE that part.

We poured some more sample bottles and also dove into our supply of regular five-ouncers.  Labels hopefully coming soon!

bottles of Sweet Suffering

This weekend we’re working on our Triple Inferno recipe – more to come on that!


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