Hellraising Triple Inferno

DT and I headed back into the kitchen this past weekend to work on our Triple Inferno hot sauce recipe.  This one brings the heat from jalapenos, serranos, and habaneros.  More of a traditional hot sauce in that there’s no fruit and the spice is pretty immediate when you taste.  A pepper fest all around.

We had some Red Savinas left from our last round of concocting, so they accompanied the helping of habaneros.  And wouldn’t you know it….there is some extra-bonus singe in this batch.

Triple Inferno peppers

The same base ingredients as Sweet Suffering, but with a whole lot more garlic in this sauce.


onion and carrots

carrots and onions sauteeing

pureed carrots and onions

Green peppers blended up in the Vitamix – such a pretty color!

green peppers pureed

Now, the habaneros are added:

blending peppers 1


blending peppers 2


blending peppers 3


blending peppers 4

Liquefied peppers are added to the stockpot with the base ingredients.

pepper puree into pot

We blended the Red Savinas separately – their hue really gave the sauce its vibrant, orange-y shade.

Red Savinas into the pot

Red Savinas pureed


Everything is simmering up together:


Once the sauce is ready, bottling the five-ouncers is a breeze.


Everyone, meet Triple Inferno!

Triple Inferno bottles

We’re pleased with how this batch turned out, but since it’s only the second time we’ve made it, we have a few tweaks for next time.  Taste and perfect, taste and perfect.  We’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

We’re also working on next steps for this little enterprise….2013 is turning out to be the year of Hellraising!



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