Indeed Brewing’s Rails and Ales

I feel a little bit of blogging mojo coming back after Saturday’s Rails and Ale’s event at Indeed Brewing.  Such a FUN DAY!  Lots going on and oodles to do….Northeast Minneapolis had their annual Art-a-Whirl (studio hopping around the neighborhood), so it was the perfect time for Indeed to open up their parking lot and taproom to the masses.  Live music (several bands throughout the day), food trucks, merchandise, Shenanigans summer ale is back, and the release of their new seasonal beer LSD (lavender, sunflower honey, dates).  All good things!

I was at Indeed earlier in the week dipping LSD bottles in pretty purple wax.  Oooooooo….

LSD bottles

DT and I woke up Saturday morning to pouring rain.  Pouring.  And thunder, and lightning.  I (along with many others) worried that the day would be a total wash (no pun intended), but by noon – absolutely perfect timing for Rails and Ales to start – the sun was trying to poke through and the clouds were starting to float away.  It turned out to be a sunny, steamy day that was quite suited for drinking (or pouring = me) beers.

train at Indeed

It was a little quiet at first….people trickled in and made their way around to grab a pint and lunch from Gastrotruck or Natedogs.

Martin Devaney at Indeed 1

Martin Devaney

Martin Devaney at Indeed 2

Indeed merch tent


Lots of doggies visited too.

dog at Indeed

This was where I spent the better part of my day….the beer trailer was pristine until we started pouring and it got a wee bit messy.

beer trailer

Here’s one of my beer-pouring partners, Gina.  She loves the raccoon.  Turns out we make a good team for these sorts of events!


A few hours later….a little more crazy and a LOT more people.

crowd at Indeed

outside tent

DT showed up toward the end of my shift and we hung out whilst sipping beers, listening to music, and chatting with friends.

DT and me



busy beer trailer

Como Avenue Jug Band

Como Avenue Jug Band

Indeed bar

The day flew by….all of the sudden it was getting dark and finally cooling off.  I got a sweet farmer’s tan in my Indeed t-shirt and my nose is still quite red.  It was a complete blast, and I can’t wait to pour beers for them again.  I really honed my skills after the first 500 or so. 😉


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