Thoughts for the Day

On this rainy day, a few more tidbits from The Happiness Project Journal….

“Three things in human life are important:  The first is to be kind.  The second is to be kind.  And the third is to be kind.” – Henry James

“We are interested in others when they are interested in us.” – Publilius Syrus

“Optimism is true moral courage.” – Ernest Shakleton

“If you don’t believe you’re happy, you’re not happy.”

“Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” – Lord Chesterfield

“Unfinished tasks drain energy, and tackling long-delayed tasks is an effective way to boost mood.”


One Comment on “Thoughts for the Day”

  1. Great quotes 🙂 Definitely gave me the extra motivation I needed for my day. Best of luck with everything .

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