Screens from the Weekend

As previously predicted….here’s a little glance at our weekend.  It was a mighty good one. 🙂


Pre-game drinks and apps at Key's

Pre-game drinks and apps at Key’s

Twins game

Twins game with Nate and Nancy

Target Field

Target Field

View from our seats

View from our seats – not too shabby!

The fab four

The fab four

Leaving Target Field

Twins lost – boo.

Leaving Target Field 2

But it was still a beautiful night to see a game.


packet pickup

Get ready for the Minneapolis Half!

Broadway RR car

Ritual pre-race cheese pizza at one of my favorite Twin Cities pizza spots with la familia

Broadway entrance

pizza box


race outfit

Race outfit ready to go


Race day - up and at 'em early

Race day – up and at ’em early

Downtown Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis, 5:15 am

Mile 9 - 1

Welcomed cheers (and tambourine! 🙂 ) from Nate and Nancy at mile 9

Mile 9 - 2

finish line

All done!

Nan and me

Nan and me – she’s the best cheerleader!


Post-run smoothies: frozen raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, two bananas, vanilla frozen yogurt, rainbow sherbet, orange juice

How was your weekend, what did it look like?


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