Feline Fridays

I think I am officially seasonally depressed.  Maybe a Vitamin D deficiency?  I’m fairly certain I haven’t seen the sun since Monday and looking at the 10-day forecast….a few days of sun peppered throughout the week, but meh.  I’m not overwhelmed or jumping up and down.

I would never cut it living in Seattle.

I celebrated my birthday Tuesday and, while my birthday (and birthday WEEK!) always excites me to no end, it was cloudy and dreary and cold and BLAH.  Last weekend was filled with early festivities and fun stuff, but when the day came it didn’t feel anything like June 4.  It felt like March 4.  I want to protest, “Hey, WAIT!  This isn’t the right MONTH!  Have we even had the first day of spring yet??”

Birthday weather do-over please.

This had better mean summer 2013 lasts until November, are you with me?

Well, so anyway – at least it’s Friday.  And if Milo could illustrate how I feel….

Milo doormat 1

Milo doormat 2

Oh, hi.

Milo doormat 3


Two hours later….as I’m ready to publish, what do you know….the SUN??  Well, kind of.  A tiny, half-hour glimpse of it anyway.  It’s still there!  It exists!

With that little smidgen of hope, I’ll try to be enthusiastic and smiling when I say….have a FANTASTIC weekend!  I can make lemonade out of cloudy lemons!  Right?


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