Screens from the Weekend

Well, this was another good one.

To start, I have to share these beeYOOteeful birthday roses from my honey.  So pink and happy and summery!  I love having fresh flowers in the house.

birthday roses

Maude drinks

Friday: end-of-week drinks and catch-up with Emily at the fabulous, neighborhoody Cafe Maude.

Barrio guacamole

Saturday: lunch with my bff Nancy at Barrio. Chips and guac to start….Mmmmm.

shop dog 2

While shopping around 50th and France, we found this furry fellow in one of the stores. My plot to go back and steal him continues….

shop dog 1

nail polish rainbow

Then a birthday spa day with manis and pedis….every possible color imaginable under the sun.

Nan gets a pedicure

Pretty mamma-to-be!

foot mask

My tootsies get some clay mask lovin.

painted toes

All done! Ooooooooo

happy feet

Happy feet!

painted fingers

My stubby fingers haven’t looked this nice since my wedding day….sad.

roasting marshmallows

We returned home just in time to find DT and the kiddos making S’mores.



Sam at bat 1

Sam had a baseball game that night. They lost. 😦

Sam on third 1

Sam on third 2

Sam on third 3

Sam at bat 2

Saturday night lights.

How ’bout you?  What have you been up to?

P.S.  After my whining and SAD self-diagnosis, guess what….the SUN is OUT! :-)x 500.


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