Straight-up Strawberry Popsicles

I was tickled pink to get this fun cookbook (+ “equipment”!) for my birthday from Nancy.  How absolutely perfect for summertime!  And it’s finally here!

The recipes are broken down by season, and what’s freshest when.  The flavor combinations are genius (e.g. raspberries and basil, blackberry and rose, peach and jalapeno, pear and almond).

People's Pops

We hosted lunch for Father’s Day, so I whipped up my first batch Saturday so they could freeze overnight and we’d have them for dessert yesterday.  I started with a basic recipe, the Straight-up Strawberry pop.  Plenty of time to experiment with the fancier ingredients in the toasty upcoming months!  This was a quick and easy one to try my hand.

popsicle setup


recipe 1

recipe 2

Nancy's b'day note

foreground strawberries

Simple syrup simmered on the stove while I pureed the strawberries:

simple syrup

strawberries in processor

pureeing strawberries 1

pureeing strawberries 2

The syrup, strawberries, and lemon juice were all mixed together….


….then poured into the popsicle mold.

filling mold 1

filling mold 2

filling mold 3

filled mold

All set!

freezer-ready 1

freezer-ready 2

About 18 hours later….we have popsicles, people!




These are good.  WAY good.  You can never, ever go wrong with fresh strawberries, and when frozen with the syrup and lemon juice, the iciness is so so refreshing.  It’s hard to eat just one….but if you did I wouldn’t feel too guilty.

I even got accolades from a very tough critic:

Henry tries a popsicle

Henry told DT it was “the best popsicle he ever had.”  Score!

I’m so excited to make these throughout the summer!  Which recipe should I try next?

2 Comments on “Straight-up Strawberry Popsicles”

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