Weekend in Northfield Part 1

Well, it’s been one of those weeks.  This post was supposed to go up Monday, but you know….it’s been one of those weeks. Sigh.

But, anyway….DT and I had some fun last weekend.  My birthday present from him was a mini getaway to Northfield, a quick and easy drive south and a bit east from the Twin Cities.  A little background on why this destination:  a couple of months ago in the Sunday Star Tribune’s travel section, there was an article about Northfield, and what a quaint place it is with its downtown, shops, and restaurants.  And so accessible from where we live….our interest was piqued!  Then my birthday just happened to be right around the corner…. 😉

We left Friday afternoon and rolled in just before 6:00.

To Northfield

Northfield sign

We stayed at The Archer House River Inn – what a neat, old place right on Division Street, Northfield’s main drag.  And the Cannon River right behind.

Archer House 1

Our room was 302, “Memories.”  All the rooms were named and had varying decor.

Room door 1

Room door 2

“Memories” was log cabin-y and cozy.

room 1

room 2

bathroom 1

bathroom 2

The Archer House lobby:

Archer lobby 1

Archer lobby 2

Archer stairs

Archer lobby 3

DT signed the guest book:

Archer registry 1

And then we were off to see the town.

Our first stop:  Froggy Bottoms.  This would turn out not to be our first and only visit.  A solid basement bar.

Froggy Bottoms stairs 1

Froggy Bottoms stairs 2

Froggy Bottoms bar

me at Froggy Bottoms

Froggy Bottoms taps

Being right along the river, Northfield has several bridges that connect one bank to the other.  We crossed ’em all multiple times.  And you’ll see multiple photos of ’em too. 🙂

DT and me, bridge

dam 1

DT, lightpost

Up next was the good old VFW.  We had to.

VFW sign


VFW on tap

DT and me, VFW

We rounded out the night listening to some music at The Contented Cow.

Contented Cow band

me at Contented Cow

DT and me, Contented Cow

DT and I were goofy and candid on our walk back to The Archer….but I kind of love these pics. Awww (blush).

DT and me, candid 1

DT and me, candid 2

big moon IMG_4346

More on our time in Northfield tomorrow!


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