Weekend in Northfield Part 2

Saturday morning brought us to Northfield’s Riverwalk Market Fair in Bridge Square.

Riverwalk market fair

Live music, dancing, food and craft vendors circle the perimeter of the park.

market fair 1

market fair 2

fountain 1

fountain 2

market fair 3

So lively and hoppin!

market 4

The *one* thing about this visit to Northfield that left us a little bummed out was the farmer’s market. This is separate from the Market Fair – we’d heard that in addition, there was this amazing farmer’s market on 7th Street.  We only saw a few sparsely placed tables.  Did we miss something?!  The pergola in Riverside Park was pretty, though.


Meanwhile, back at The Archer House….

Archer House, side

Archer across the street

Archer front 1

Archer front 2

Archer sign

Archer porch

We came back to shower and get ready for the rest of the day.

Archer lobby

The Tavern is in The Archer, but on the lower level, in the back.  Such a green, vine-y patio area.

The Tavern

Then we set out to do some more exploring.

Northfield library

The library is right across the street.

We found this sheep outside one of the antique shops.  Baahhh.


Northfield Olive Oils and Vinegars….now this was a fun place.

Northfield Vinegar and OO 1

Northfield Vinegar and OO 2

Northfield Vinegar and OO 3

So many flavors of olive oil (butter, black truffle, garlic, almond, walnut, chipotle, green chile) and vinegar (fig, pomegranate, peach, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, black cherry, espresso, dark chocolate)….the combinations are endless!  So were the tastings! 🙂  We could have stayed there for hours.  I could have consumed a vat of the black cherry and strawberry vinegars.  I bought bottles of each instead.  DT chose bottles of chipotle and green chile olive oil.

Northfield Vinegar and OO 4

Northfield Vinegar and OO 5

bridge view 1

After shopping we strolled the Riverwalk.


Riverwalk 2

Riverwalk 3

bridge 2

We made our way back to Froggy Bottoms to sit on their patio and grab a bite with beers.

Me, beer

My pint was cooler than DT’s.

squirrel pint

DT, beer

Froggy garden

Froggy garden

view from Froggy patio

Froggy patio view

DT and me, bridge 2


Later in the evening we ventured back over to The Contented Cow to enjoy their patio.  Carleton College was having their reunion last weekend and a gathering was happening at the ol’ CC.

Live music:

Contented Cow music

I could get used to seeing this on summer nights….

table view

me, Contented Cow

I tore DT away from his phone long enough for a smile:

DT, Contented Cow

Saturday’s sunset was purdy.

Saturday sunset

Pizza was on the brain for dinner, so we walked over to Basil’s to pick up a pie.

Basil's wallBasil's oven

Basil's ingredients

We were feeling a bit vanilla and opted for an extra large cheese.

Ooooooo.  Melty.

cheese pizza

pizza box

Last bridge pic of the trip! 😦

last bridge photo

DT and pizza box

We took our dinner back to The Archer and devoured it.  Then watched movies on cable we’ve seen a hundred times before.

cheese pizza 2

And that was our weekend in Northfield!


2 Comments on “Weekend in Northfield Part 2”

  1. Sounds like a fun birthday weekend!! 🙂

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