Screens from Saturday

Again, I’m delayed this week in getting these posts up….it’s been a little nutty around here.  So, four days later….here’s what Saturday looked like!

Our first visit of the year to Richfield’s farmer’s market:

farmer's market beans

farmer's market

flowers 2




roasted corn

4th of July sign

We walked out with some yummy fruit and vegetables.  After a few more stops, we came home and got to WORK.

First, a little fire to burn all the little sticks and twigs we accumulated this spring.


Then, onto the dog kennel behind the garage….this has been a project for quite some time.

Since we moved in two and a half years ago, this area has been filled with rubbish – I mean really, seriously, rubbish.  Piles of dirt, chunks of concrete, random branches, bricks, and pavers – even tree roots.  DT thinks the previous owners just transferred all of it behind the garage when they put in the back garden….that would seem about right.  Anyway, we’ve been slowly trying to make a dent and clear everything out (every week DT would fill our garbage can so it weighed about a thousand pounds) because we had big plans for this space.

kennel cleanup 1

kennel cleanup 2

kennel cleanup 3

kennel cleanup 4

kennel cleanup 5

Sam and Henry were a huge help in scooping the last of the junk out.

kennel cleanup 6

Only one wheelbarrow load left!  Considering what we started with, this is quite remarkable.

full wheelbarrow

The cats were wondering what on earth was going on back there.

cats in door

Holy buckets!  Nearly clear!

empty kennel

It almost….sparkles!  Amazing.

clean kennel 1

clean kennel 2

Now was about the perfect time for these (adults only):

refreshing beers

And some hammock for Sam:

Sam, hammock

We thanked the kids for all their shoveling with a walk/bike ride to Cone Brothers (we’ve been here before – remember?).

Cone Brothers 1


Cone Brothers 2

Cone Brothers 3


Cone Brothers ice cream

Cone Brothers 4

Pickin’ out some tunes:

playing songs

Henry, ice cream

Sam and Henry, Cone Brothers

So, what did we do with the area behind the garage?

Good question!  I’ll tell you alllll about it tomorrow! 🙂


2 Comments on “Screens from Saturday”

  1. Can’t wait to see what you are up to! I never cared for yardwork until we built our first home. 😉 Now I find a lot more enjoyment in making sure our yard looks great.

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