Introducing….The Girls!

All that prep work in the dog kennel behind the garage was to house a coop so that we could get….chickens!  Yes, chickens.  CHICKENS!  We brought home chickens on Sunday.  I don’t think DT ever imagined he’d see the day.

But I did. 🙂

coop 1

coop 2

I found a guy (Dennis) on Craigslist who built a fancy coop and run for us.  He came over Sunday morning to help with the “installation” in the newly-clean space.  The access was a little tricky right up against the garage and with the chain link fence surrounding.  But they got it!

run install 1

run install 2

run install 3

run install 4

A new home for three chickies:

assembled coop

Nesting boxes

Nesting boxes

coop interior

Inside the coop

coop front 1

coop front 2

getting the food ready

Getting the food ready

We traveled about 30 miles south to pick up the girls.

Meet Priscilla:


And Deborah:


Last, but certainly not least, Gertrude is the white one:

the girls 1

Sam and Henry have been going crazy waiting for these chickens to arrive and they were so SO excited.  They were such a big help getting everything ready for them.

kids, coop 1

kids, coop 2

DT made a little breadcrumb trail up the ramp so they’d learn to go “upstairs.”

breadcrumb trail 1

The ladies were so nervous and skittish that first day, it was hard to get any great photos of them.  They mostly stayed toward the back of the run and were only slightly enticed (and quickly scared off with any false moves) by the lure of food.

breadcrumb trail 2

breadcrumb trail 3

We just got their feeder and water dish hung up today – they didn’t seem to mind the temporary setup.

breadcrumb trail 4

DT and I fully expected they’d need some time to acclimate before we’d see any signs of eggs, but look!  The gals surprised us Monday!  Maybe they like their new abode? 🙂


It’s so crazy to see them waddling around in the yard!  They are strange little creatures, but we’re pretty excited that they’re here.

Have you hugged your chicken today?  Just kidding, they don’t let us do that yet. 😉

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!  I’m going to go hang out with Priscilla, Deb, and Gertie now.


4 Comments on “Introducing….The Girls!”

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