Saturday Bike Ride to Sea Salt

It took us until July 20, but we finally made the ride to Sea Salt and Minnehaha Falls Saturday.  We went a different route that took us around half of Lake Nokomis.  See downtown Minneapolis in the distance?

view from Nokomis

David riding 1

David riding 3

Oooooo….I just love it here!

Minnehaha Falls 1

The Falls were gushing from all the rain we’ve had this year.  Last summer it was just a trickle.

Minnehaha Falls 2

Our plan was to grab lunch at Sea Salt, but the line was so nuts the entire time we were there.

Sea Salt line

So we just had some beers and relaxed on the patio for a spell.  That also works for us. 😉


After our ales, we headed down to the lower area of the falls.  View from above:

top of the falls


DT and me

checking water temp

Checking the temp

Falls 1

Falls 2

DT, Falls


DT and me, Falls 2

Falls 2

So beautiful!

Oh, also – take note of Sea Salt’s extensive hot sauce collection:

hot sauces

Maybe Hellraising could join the ranks?  We’ll work on that!

How was your weekend?


One Comment on “Saturday Bike Ride to Sea Salt”

  1. yennilb says:

    I soooo need to get to Sea Salt this summer. At least once and I’ll be happy! And to go on a bike ride again…

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