Peach-Mint Popsicles

Time for another batch of popsicles!

recipe 1

Peaches are beautiful and positively delicious right now, it’s the perfect time to put them to use in frozen form.


I modified the recipe slightly – while I love the idea of the peach-jalapeno combination, I wasn’t ready to commit to 10 popsicles.  Instead, I included mint, which paired nicely but was just subtle enough.  I could have actually added more.  I also didn’t roast the peaches beforehand – the thought of turning on the oven at that particular moment was woefully unpleasant.

recipe 2

And as I look at the recipe again, I realize I neglected to add the lemon juice.  Oopsie, a note for next time.  So I basically completely deviated, but I think these will do just fine. 😉


pureeing peaches

Puree the peaches

Mint simple syrup

Mint simple syrup

After simmering for about 20 minutes, I strained the mint leaves out and added the syrup to the puree.  The color is so pretty and peachy.  Fitting, right?

peach puree

Then pour into the popsicle molds….

pouring 1

pouring 2

Freeze up, babies!

filled popsicle mold

24 hours later….

peach-mint popsicle

….and I’ve discovered how tricky it is to photograph a popsicle one-handed.  Also, how our basement freezer is not the most powerful so the pops weren’t super solid.

But YUM.  The hint of mint was delightful – a nice little twist, and the chopped peach puree made for great texture.  So easy, and such a treat on these dog days of summer!


One Comment on “Peach-Mint Popsicles”

  1. yennilb says:

    YUM!! I need to make Popsicles! These look sooo delicious!

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