Des Moines Farmers Market

DT and I took the kids down to visit his grandma in Des Moines on Friday.  It was a whirlwind 24 hours, but we wanted to squeeze in time for the farmer’s market Saturday morning.  If you haven’t ever been, this is something to see.  And do.

courthouse 1

Polk County Courthouse

veggies 1

Court Avenue was PACKED!  Food vendors, fresh produce and flowers, crafts, dogs in all shapes and sizes, live music, block upon block….downtown Des Moines is a pretty cool place.

market crowd 1

Big Daddy’s has some great sauces to try.

Big Daddy's

Oh, hello Henry!

Henry, parking meters

Java Joe's street

veggies 2

corn 1

We couldn’t leave the state without some fresh Peaches and Cream corn (and Yukon Gold potatoes and grape tomatoes).

corn 2

Sam and Henry

DT and me

Sam took this one – he did pretty well!

Court Avenue Restaurant and Brewing Co.

Court Avenue Restaurant and Brewing Co.

market crowd 2


dog poo warning


And at long last….I’d waited five years.  DUTCH LETTER!

Pella Pastry

My first Dutch Letter was at my first Des Moines Farmers Market five years ago.  It moved me.  A flaky, S-shaped pastry with almond paste and cinnamon inside?  YES!  Back to where it all began, folks.  Heaven in Iowa!

Dutch Letter

Checking out the Des Moines River:

Des Moines River

We tried to do this group shot….well, hrm.  :-\

fam photo 1

fam photo 2

market crowd 3

Kettle corn stand

Sam and Henry requested a big ol’ bag of kettle corn.  This was basically breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sam and Henry, kettle corn

ice cream maker

John Deere ice cream making machine

veggies 3

market crowd 4

courthouse 2

We had such a fun morning!  I would be down here every Saturday if I could.  Make this market part of your summer bucket list!


4 Comments on “Des Moines Farmers Market”

  1. Thank you for visiting the Downtown Farmers’ Market and your kind words. We are so glad you had a great time. Come back and see us soon!

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  3. […] We crossed the finish line, gulped down some Powerade, and [very stiffly and slowly] made our way toward Court Avenue where the farmer’s market was in full swing.  Can I just tell you AGAIN how much I LOVE the Des Moines Farmer’s Market?? […]

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