Weekend in Chicago – Day 1


Ohhh, I am so behind with this post….where has the week gone?  Well, I hope you are well.  We had a fabulous last weekend in Chicago!

My mom and I arrived Wednesday night – after sitting on the tarmac at MSP for an hour, then a rerouted flight up past Green Bay, we finally made it to the hotel around 10:30.  It was a pretty sky out there!

plane view

We were lazy Thursday morning but finally got up and at ’em.  There’s Chicago to see!

Chicago 1

Chicago 2

I just love this city so much.


We made our ritual visit to Millennium Park….

Cloud 1

me in the Cloud 1

Oh, hi!  (I guess I wouldn’t have had to stick my camera right in front of my face? :-\ )

Mom and me in the Cloud

Cloud 2


Downtown 3

Downtown 4

Just like last year, the we caught the Rubber Ducky Derby!

Rubber Duck Derby

Downtown 5

This caught our attention before, but I didn’t take photos – the WGN Building, with its fragments from around the world built into the exterior:

WGN plaque

WGN, Iowa

For you, DT!

WGN, Egypt

WGN, Rome

WGN, Minnesota


WGN, White House

WGN, Paris

WGN, Pennsylvania

WGN, Pearl Harbor

WGN entry

My mom wanted to do an architecture tour, so we hopped aboard one of the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s boats for an afternoon on the water.

boat cruise 1

boat cruise 2

Mom and me, boat cruise

boat cruise 3

boat cruise 4

boat cruise 5

Michigan Ave Bridge

Dearborn Street bridge

It was so interesting!  I don’t remember half of the building names, builders, dates, heights, and so on, but our guide knew it all.  Just rattled it right off.  It was a fantastic perspective of the city.

boat cruise 6

Chicago has the most moveable bridges of any city in the world – did you know that?  I do remember that little factoid.  I think our guide said we went underneath 25 of them on the tour.  Crazy!

boat cruise 7

Kinzie Street bridge

boat cruise 8

boat cruise 9

Opera Building

Willis Tower

Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower

Shutterbug Mom

Willis Tower 2

Willis Tower 3

Willis Tower 4

boat cruise 10

Marina City

Marina City

Marina City 2

Hotel Sax – where we stayed!

Wrigley Building 1

I took about a thousand photos of the Wrigley Building on this trip….just so you know.

Wrigley Building 2

Lake Shore Dr bridge

boat cruise 11

Trump Tower, front and center

boat cruise 12

boat cruise 13

Wrigley Building 3

Wrigley Building 4

Like I said….

boat cruise 14

Dog boat cruise

Cruises for the hounds….love this.

After the tour, we strolled the Riverwalk and stopped by Chicago’s Vietnam Memorial.

Vietnam Memorial 1

Chicago Remembers


Vietnam Memorial 2

Mom, Vietnam Memorial

We had to make a return visit to Niu for dinner – seaweed salad!  So GOOD, one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted in my whole life.  I didn’t snap any photos because I was too busy eating and our table was in the dark.  Seriously, that restaurant is magic.

We stopped by Beatrix for dessert (as if we hadn’t eaten enough….).


It was a lively, open place….bustling on a Thursday night.  I love when the windows are full and wide in a restaurant, the summer breeze comes right through and it feels like you’re sitting outside wherever your table is.

Dad had already tasted their Oh My! Caramel Pie and needed another fix.  With one bite down:

Beatrix caramel pie

Mom ordered [almond] milk and cookies.

Beatrix milk and cookies

I tried their vanilla bean kulfi….never heard of kulfi before, have you?  It’s an Indian frozen dessert – extra dense and creamy, like a custard without the egg.  The vanilla flavor was divine.  I took a photo, but it blended right in with the white plate, so never mind. 😉

Day 1 in sum:  great sites and eats.  There is a theme on this trip!


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