Weekend in Chicago – Day 2

This year we stayed at the Hotel Sax, right on Dearborn and mere blocks from Michigan Avenue.  Primo centrality.

Hotel Sax 1

Hotel Sax 2

The lobby is crisp and clean – I love the front desks with all the glass ornaments.

Sax lobby 1

Sax lobby 2

Our room wasn’t quite as big as last year – remember the massive bathroom?  I loved that, but the Sax worked out just fine (except their hallways were about -30 degrees).

Sax room 1

Sax room 2

Sax bathroom

Sax bathroom 2

Sax room 3

Friday morning my mom and I strolled along Wacker Drive toward the Willis Tower.  Our guide on the architecture cruise told us about a beautiful lobby in a neighboring building, so we were on a quest to find it.

Willis Tower 1

Willis Tower 2

Willis Tower 3

Willis Tower 4

Here we are:

311 South Wacker - exterior

311 S Wacker

311 lobby

311 lobby 2

311 lobby 3

311 lobby 4

It was pretty impressive!  We grabbed coffee and some sweets and sat out in their pretty courtyard.  We were there until almost noon!  Long, lovely coffee break.

311 birdhouses 1

311 birdhouses 2

From one end of downtown to another….we took the Riverwalk from State Street all the way down to the marina.  We were kicking ourselves for not bringing a pedometer – I would love to know how much we walked on this trip!


Mom and me, marina

Navy Pier across the canal:

view of Navy Pier

Back at the Sax….while our room was cleaned, Mom and I slipped down to the lounge for a few friendly games of YAHTZEE!  With wine, of course.  Good call, Mamma, you brought one of my favorite games along.

Sax lobby 3

Sax lounge

Yahtzee 1

Yahtzee 2

Then it was GLAM time!  Ready for the show:

ready for Glam 1

Outside the Harris Theater:

Harris Theater

Harris Theater lobby 1

Mom, Harris Theater

me, Harris Theater

Mom and me, Harris Theater

Glam program and ticket

Mom and me, Glam

Our seats were killer!


The fashion show was super fun, I loved the music.  Muse, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Led Zeppelin (HELLO)….I wish they made a Glamorama soundtrack.  Dad, could you look into that please? 😉  The members of Cirque du Soleil contorted their bodies in ways I simply cannot imagine.

Then Sheryl Crow came on stage to round out the evening….

Sheryl Crow 1

Sheryl Crow 2

Sheryl Crow 3

Sheryl Crow 4

Those pants are fab, no?

Sheryl Crow 5

Sheryl Crow 6

We checked out the after-party, similar set up to last year’s:

Glam after party 1

Glam after party 2

Glam after party 3

Glam after party 4

Beautiful city by night:

Chicago night

Oh.  We stopped at CVS on the walk back to the hotel for a little midnight snack, Dad’s treat.  My feet were aching, I deserved this.  Mom and I split it, I swear:

Friday night dessert

I had sweet coffee ice cream dreams, which every dream should be. 😉


2 Comments on “Weekend in Chicago – Day 2”

  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I need to take my mom somewhere fun for a girls weekend! 🙂

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