Creamy Cucumbers

Our neighbor has bestowed a bounty of cucumbers (and tomatoes) onto us again this summer….seriously, she is the garden whisperer. Her garden and plants make mine look like a sad, pitiful disgrace.  I like to think it’s because her yard gets more sun than ours, which is probably true….but I don’t think that’s all of it.  She’s doing something right that I am not.

I’ve made mention that I’m not [at all] a huge fan of cucumbers.  Well.  This use of them made me change my tune and I am now a Creamy Cucumber believer.

This is a recipe from my dad….”recipe” I guess you can call it, it’s really all to taste.

Creamy Cucumbers ingredients

Ingredients: salt, pepper, celery salt, white vinegar, Miracle Whip, sour cream, sugar, cucumbers, onion (not pictured)

My dad worked on peeling the cucumbers while I tackled the sauce under his tutelage.  The sauce is….awwwwesome!

peeling cucumbers 1

peeling cucumbers 2

One tub of sour cream, three super-generous dollops of Miracle Whip, a few dashes of sugar, and pour in some vinegar.  That’s where you start.

mayo mix

Then a healthy dose of celery salt, a bit of salt, and some pepper.

cucumber sauce with spices


Add the cukes….

cucumbers in sauce

Then the sliced onion….

onions and cucumbers

Stir and taste.  Taste again.  Add more of….whatever you feel you’re missing.  We added a bit more Miracle Whip, salt, and pepper.

And there you have it – a bowl of goodness.

creamy cucumbers

The sauce is creamy and tangy, then you get the cucumber crunch – YUM.  I’m not usually big on raw onions, but they really mellow so there’s no overpowering flavor.  Two things I don’t really like (cucumbers and raw onions) come together to make something I really like?  It’s the power of the sauce.

creamy cucumbers, plate

This is such an easy, refreshing summer salad and perfect alongside your next BBQ feast.  Make it this weekend, mmmkay?


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