Early Anniversary Fun

I missed Feline Fridays last week. 😦  I’m sorry if that ended your week on a sour note.  I most certainly hope you had more to look forward to than that!

DT and I are celebrating our fourth (fourth!) anniversary Wednesday.  I can’t believe we’ve been married four years.  In some ways it feels like our wedding was two minutes ago, in others it feels like a lifetime.  Funny how time can take such different contexts.

Anyway….given our upcoming bathroom remodel, we’ve committed to NOT giving each other gifts for the next several/many/all holidays and events.  For like a year.  Or two.  Or three.  We’d rather go DO something (go out for dinner and/or go someplace fun) than try to figure out gifts, since neither of us need anything.

It so happened that we had a free night to use soon through the Marriott Rewards program, so we booked a room at the Courtyard in Maple Grove.  About 20 minutes away from our house, lots of shopping and restaurants in the area – a fun little quick getaway and early celebration!

Courtyard 1

Courtyard 2

Courtyard 3

Courtyard 4

Courtyard 5

We punctually arrived for check-in at 3:00 Saturday.

Courtyard 6

room 408

room 1

DT and I love staying at hotels.  They’re so relaxing and it’s just kinda nice to not be domestically accountable for anything during your stay.

room 2

room 3

bathroom 1

bathroom 2

We also love the pool and hot tub.  We made a beeline downstairs after unloading our bags in the room.

hot tub 1

hot tub 2

David, hot tub

DT and me, pool

After a couple of hours in the water we looked like prunes, so headed back up to 408.  Time to shower and tune into the HAWKEYES!

Hawkeyes vs. Cyclones….HUGE rivalry.  Huge.

Iowa game 1

David, hotel room

Iowa game 2

David watching game

Iowa scored!

Iowa scores!

happy dance

Happy dance 😉

We watched the first half in the room.  At halftime, I happened upon the last few minutes of As Good as It Gets.

As Good as it Gets 1

As Good as it Gets 2


As Good as it Gets 3

Melvin and Carol.  They are so sweet.

As Good as it Gets 4

As Good as it Gets 5

As Good as it Gets 6

They got warm rolls.  Awwww.

As Good as it Gets 7

As Good as it Gets 8

Well, anyway.  On with it, DT says.

DT, hallway

We meandered down to a local watering hole for the second half.  A *tad* stressful, but the Hawks pulled it off in the end, 27-21.


DT watching game 2

DT and me 1

Cheers to four years!

DT and me 2

Iowa game 2

And the Hawkeyes!

Iowa game 3

We went down to the pool for another swim after the game.  Hey – when at the Courtyard….use that pool! 😉

That was our weekend play….what were you up to?


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