Summer in Sum

It was sort of a strange summer, and with its bits of roller coasters I lost some/a lot of my blogging mojo.  Distractions and such, that begins to explain my absence of late.

Here’s a not-so-quick recap:

– I lost my job.

I was so angry and bewildered after this happened – I think a natural response when a person loses their job and finds themselves unemployed unexpectedly.  A sense of self is lost, and you also question your abilities, your value, your worth.  That’s just the psychological toll, to say nothing of logistics like impact on finances and that worry/panic.  I know it all boils down to business, and these decisions are made without any heart or sensitivity, but you can’t help but take it personally.  It stings, it really does.  And the way this particular company handled the situation was beyond inept and cold.

It’s cheesy to quote this movie as it pertains to this topic, but I thought about this statement a lot those first few weeks when everything was so fresh.  You’ve Got Mail (I know, I know – hear me out….but it is one of my favorites), when Tom Hanks/Joe Fox visits Meg Ryan/Kathleen Kelly after she’s lost her business.  Joe Fox says, “It wasn’t personal.”

Kathleen’s response:  “What is that supposed to mean? I am so sick of that. All that means is that it wasn’t personal to you. But it was personal to me. It’s personal to a lot of people. And what’s so wrong with being personal, anyway? Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”

Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.  That’s all.  And karma.

But seriously, good riddance.

– DT and I acquired chickens.

– My family lost a furry friend.

– My parents moved.

This meant them downsizing from a big, beautiful house to a condo about half the size.  It also means they live farther away.  Their new home is lovely, and I’m so excited to see them take this big leap.  But with the leap has come change (obviously), and though we didn’t do it nearly as often as we should have, quick, last-minute dinners or get-togethers over a weekend aren’t quite as easy as they once were.  Small workaround, but mentally takes some getting used to.  My dad has stayed with DT and I during the week as he continues to work – it’s been great to have him around, extra bonus time I/we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

– I got a new job.

You know what?  Everything happens for a reason.  I can’t tell you how much happier I am to be working where I do now.  The job itself is similar to what I’d been doing, but the company is so much cooler, my team is awesome, and everyone is so freaking NICE.  It’s refreshing to walk down the halls and people smile and say hi.  That didn’t happen where I was before, and I could never understand it.  Why not smile and say hi?  Why not be nice?  It’s those little things that make coming to work easy.  That, and having people notice the work you do and outwardly appreciate it.  I don’t need constant reassurance – at all – but props every now and again are so good for the soul, I don’t care who you are.  Oh – and did I mention my commute is four minutes?  Bam!  I’m so grateful for how everything turned out.


– We embarked on another house project:  remodeling our upstairs bathroom.

I think I mentioned this already, albeit briefly.  A baseball went through the bathroom window a couple of months ago.  (Needless to say, we now send the children to the park to swing bats at balls.)  DT and I started down the path of replacing the window, but that led to a larger question of remodeling the original bathroom in a 1955 house, which we’ve discussed before.  It didn’t make sense to replace the window if we planned to rip everything out at some point down the road….so let’s just do it all NOW!

It definitely wasn’t money we’d planned to spend yet, but the bathroom does need some attention.  If not now, when we can enjoy it for a few years, certainly before we sell.  Might as well.  Always something with a house, right?  Demo is slated to start October 14.

So, that’s the summer in sum, that’s what I’ve been up to.  Kind of cathartic to reflect on the good, great, bad, and sad of the last couple of months.

Onto autumn!


2 Comments on “Summer in Sum”

  1. It sounds like overall you had a good summer. Definitely some hard times in there but everything always works out for the best! I’m so glad you are happier in your new job. Sometimes a change of scenery does us good–it’s not always easy but it’s necessary. 🙂 Cheers to an awesome fall for you and your family! I’m secretly hoping that you take us along on the remodel project!

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