Screens from Sunday – Mini Golfing

The weather yesterday was gorgeous.  Downright summer-like.  We took the kids mini golfing at MalTees, a little hidden gem of a course five minutes from our house (in the same park as the Richfield Farmers Market).

park bikes

Maltees 1

Maltees 2

A fall celebration was underway for the smaller kids.


fall gable

Here we go!

this way to golf


Sam started us off….

Sam golfing 1

….then Henry.

Henry golfing 1

golfing 1

waterfall 1

mini golfing 2

The course was so pretty with little ponds, streams, and waterfalls scattered throughout.


mini golfing 3

pond 2

Sam mini golfing 2

mini golfing 5

mini golfing 6

I’m sure a very technical, strategic discussion was taking place here.

mini golfing 7

waterfall 2

mini golfing 8

mini golfing 9

mini golfing 10

mini golfing 11

mini golf 12

waterfall 3

waterfall 4

waterfall 5

I didn’t win. 😦

Maltees menu

But we got ice cream afterward, so that made the loss a bit more bearable. 😉

Sam and his Coke float….

Sam and his float

….and Henry with his chocolate cone.

Henry and his cone

eating ice cream

And my unbelievably-delicous-sent-from-above Oreo malt.  May I please have 12 more?!  Every day of my life?

oreo malt

Wonderful little outing for the four of us, can’t wait to do it again next summer!

When I’ll win.  Bwwwahahahaha.

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