15 Ways in Which DT and I Differ

The Pioneer Woman inspired this post when she jotted 15 things about her and Marlboro Man back in June.

I thought it would be EASY to rattle off 15 different things about DT and me….I mean, we’re different.  On one hand, we’re a lot alike and we like a lot of the same things (I knew that too) – that makes us extra compatible. But as I spent more time with it, I found more and more ways we don’t completely align – there are the obvious things, like eating meat (him) or not (me).  Getting clever and creative and digging a little deeper took some thoughtful consideration (or maybe just simple observation), but it was a fun exercise in exploring what makes each of us tick (and what irks us).

So here we go….

DT likes Coke Zero.  I like Caffeine Free Diet Coke.

DT likes to watch television.  I like to read.

DT would choose a Snickers bar for a sweet treat.  I would choose ice cream.

DT is a night owl.  I would rather go to bed early-ish (however, this does not make me a morning person).

An open drawer drives DT crazy.  A messy floor drives me crazy.

DT likes Lifetime movies.  I like romantic comedies.

DT likes vodka.  I like rum.

DT can make decisions.  I waffle.

DT likes coconut.  I like cilantro.

DT likes Seinfeld.  I like Friends.

DT likes to look for seashells on the beach.  I like to do absolutely nothing but lie in the sun with a book on the beach.

DT has a photographic memory with movies and books – he remembers every little detail.  I don’t retain movie or book intricacies well – once I’ve watched/read, I’m kind of onto the next thing.

A pizza with olives is absolutely unacceptable to DT, but he’ll let mushrooms pass and pick them off.  A pizza with mushrooms is absolutely unacceptable to me, but I’ll let olives pass and pick them off.

DT likes iceberg lettuce.  I like leafy and weedy greens.

DT enjoys long trips in the car.  I get antsy and impossible after the first hour (I’m really trying to work on this).

A strange match made in heaven?

I suppose we are. 🙂


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