Bathroom Remodel – Before Photos

We are remodeling our upstairs bathroom, demolition is supposed to begin this week.  DT and I picked out the larger materials – tub, vanity cupboard, sink, toilet, faucets, tile, grout – lots of time spent at Home Depot and Menards lately.  We’re working with a contractor to bring it all together and make it happen.

Let’s revisit how this all started, before it spiraled into the full-blown overhaul it eventually became….

broken window 1

broken window 3

broken window 4

Yes.  That was a great day.

Like the ghetto cardboard to cover the hole?!  Ohhh, I’ll be so happy not to see that anymore (as will our neighbors, I’m sure).

I now present the current upstairs bathroom of our house, built in 1955:

old bathroom 1

old bathroom 2

old bathroom 3

old bathroom 4

old bathroom 5

old bathroom 6

old bathroom - floor

old bathroom 7

old bathroom 8

old bathroom 9

old bathroom - sink

old bathroom 10

old bathroom 11

old bathroom 12

old bathroom 13

old bathroom 14

old bathroom - tile

Stay tuned for the transformation, I can’t wait to see how it turns out! 🙂

3 Comments on “Bathroom Remodel – Before Photos”

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  2. […] wanted to share photos of the process with you so you can see the full spectrum – where we started, the two weeks-or-so of mess (below), and eventually the finished […]

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