Spicyland in Charleston – Part 2

Day two in Charleston began with a walk down Meeting Street.

Meeting Street 1

Meeting Street 2

Which led us straight to the Charleston City Market.

Charleston Market 1

Charleston Market plaque

Charleston Market 1

The hall went on and on and on with vendors selling this, that, and the other.

Charleston Market 3

Charleston Market 4

The Custom House was just beyond the market, near the cruise port.

Charleston U.S. Custom House


Poogan's Porch 1

Poogan’s Porch came up time and time again in my searches for legendary dining in Charleston, we had to check it out.

Poogan's Porch 2

Poogan's Porch 3

Named for its loyal porch inhabitant, the spirit of Poogan lives on in this homey restaurant.

Poogan's grave

Poogan's dining room 1

DT, Poogan''s Porch

Hot-out-of-the-oven buttermilk biscuits were the perfect way to start this down-home meal.

Poogan's biscuits

Fried green tomatoes #2:  with a light breading and cajun dipping sauce.  A totally different experience from Sunday’s FGTs at Blind Tiger.  Mmmm good.

fried green tomatoes 2

lunch at Poogan's

DT ordered fried alligator!  Eew.  He also had fried chicken sliders on those delicious biscuits.

DT's fried chicken and biscuits

I supplemented my FGTs with these pimento cheese fritters with green tomato chutney.  I saw pimentos on several menus while on this trip, I didn’t realize they were such a popular ingredient for this region’s cooking.

pimento fritters 1

pimento fritters 2

Poogan's dining room 2

Indeed, Poogan’s was everything I hoped and dreamed and more.

Onto our last day in Charleston…. 😦

We’d heard that Philadelphia Alley was a slice of picturesque heaven in the middle of the city.

Philadelphia Alley 1

As you can see, it is.

Philadelphia Alley 2

Like a secret garden alleyway.

Philadelphia Alley 3

DT and me, Philadelphia Alley

Philadelphia Alley plaque

DT and me, Philadelphia Alley 2

Philadelphia Alley 4

Philadelphia Alley 5

Most of day three in Charleston was spent on East Bay Street, with a substantial lineup of restaurants and refreshment establishments.  We started with daiquiris at Wet Willie’s.  Because….why not?

Wet Willie's outside

Wet Willie's 1

Wet Willie's 2

DT, Wet Willie's

Back over toward the City Market, we found Henry’s and enjoyed their rooftop.  It was so beautiful and sunny outside.

Henry's rooftop sign

Henry's rooftop 3

Henry's rooftop 1

Henry's rooftop 2

DT, Henry's rooftop

When the hour was happy, we stopped into Social for some snacks and vino.

Social outside

$4 appetizers and glasses of wine – we pretty much ate dinner here for under $25 and it was really, really good.  I recommend the bruschetta and margherita pizza.

Social 1

Social 2

(I was too busy eating to snap any photos of the food….but here’s where you can get it!)

Social 3

Our dear friend Laura recommended The Gin Joint.  So we went.

The Gin Joint outside

Gin Joint patio

Gin Joint 1

Cocktails and Yahtzee, ohhhh yes.

Yahtzee at Gin Joint

Two Gatling Guns, please!

Gin Joint menu


cheers at Gin Joint

Don’t you just love these glasses?

The drink was delicious, it’s very hard to describe the flavor.  Sweet, but the bitters added a hint of spice, and the taste of the liquor was deceitfully subdued.  So….one Gatling Gun was quite enough. 😉

Gin Joint drinks

Our last stop in Charleston was Magnolias.

Magnolias 1

DT and me, Magnolias 1

Just a few more games of Yahtzee in this fine city, please!

Yahtzee at Magnolias

DT and me, Magnolias 2

Oh, Charleston….you stole our hearts.  We’ll be back again, but it won’t be soon enough!*

*See also for Savannah.  Coming up next!


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