Spicyland in Savannah – Part 1

We left South Carolina…. 😦

leaving SC

….but had Georgia on our minds.

Hello, Georgia

DT and I arrived in Savannah early Wednesday afternoon.  After checking into our hotel and scoping that out a bit, we were off to walk about the city.

Moon River Brewery outside

First stop:  Moon River Brewing Company on East Bay Street.

Moon River patio 1

Moon River patio 2

Moon River menu

DT and me, Moon River


Cheers at Moon River

Their Apparition Ale was tasty.  So tasty, in fact, I won many games of Yahtzee that day.  Look how much we’d played in three days!

Yahtzee at Moon River

me, Moon River

Day two in Savannah was Halloween, whoop!

We started with a stroll through Savannah’s City Market.

City Market 1

This pedestrian walkway is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and bars.  It’s a great gathering spot, and with benches scattered throughout, you can stop and rest your feet a spell while enjoying a treat.

City Market 2

The steps down to East River Street are old (erm, historic) and a leedle-bit scary.

old steps 1

old steps 2

And steep – eep!  We concentrated very hard as we walked up and down so as not to turn an ankle or do a face plant.  That’s no way to spend a vacation!

old steps 3

The skies started to clear up right around lunchtime….where to eat?

We found a pleasant-looking patio at Social Club on Congress Street and headed right in.

The Social Club outside

Social Club patio 1

Social Club 2

We could have grown roots here!  Alas, with stomachs full and happy, we headed back to the hotel to chillax a while, knowing it would be a ghoulishly late night.

Social Club patio 3




Courtyard pool 1

We stayed at a Courtyard here as well, in the Historic District.

Courtyard pool 2

DT, pool

Just like Charleston, it was a central location and extremely walkable to and fro.

Courtyard garden 1

And that table right there in front was a fantastic place to play Yahtzee. 😉

Courtyard garden 2

When the evening was nigh, we headed back toward City Market to see the Halloween festivities.

Halloween, City Market 1

The nifty thing about Savannah is that you can go to a bar, buy a drink, and take it with you to-go.

to-go drinks sign

So, for example, we saw the above sign for Georgia peach sangria at Cafe at City Market, ordered one each….


….paid, cheers-ed, then went on our merry way.

Kinda slick!

to-go sangria

Then we hit The Bar Bar in a basement.

DT, The Bar Bar

The Bar Bar 1

It was pretty quiet our first visit there, but when we stopped back later it was hoppin.

The Bar Bar 2

The Bar Bar 3

Next, Tree House on the second floor.

The Tree House outside

City Market, Halloween 2

Overlooking all the hullaballoo in City Market.

City Market, Halloween 3

It was getting late and well past our dinnertime – DT and I landed at Vinnie Van Go Go’s for some takeout pizza.

Vinnie Van Go Go's

Vinnie Van Go Go's patio

Vinnie Van Go Go's 1

A serious pizza assembly line here – orders were zipped down a wire from the cash register to the kitchen.

Vinnie Van Go Go's 2

City Market, Halloween 4

Look – our beautiful, bubbly cheese pizza:

cheese pizza

Look fast, because about three minutes later DT would trip and our pie would fall face-first on the sidewalk. 😦

I nearly cried.

And that wraps up Halloween in Savannah….only one more day left!  (I nearly cry again!)


4 Comments on “Spicyland in Savannah – Part 1”

  1. Mel. says:

    I just had to chime in, after catching this absolutely gem of a blog: your foray into Savannah somehow managed to follow the exact trajectory that ours did in 2012, with a spooky number of similarities in dining choices.

    In as much, you might get a kick out of this: we’re big fans of this absolutely cheeseball show, and seeing them staggering around the Moon River Brewing Company and “being possessed” was the source of many a joke, during our trip…

    • Hi, thanks so much for reading and contributing – so awesome! We loved Moon River! We loved Savannah, we loved Charleston, we loved that trip all around. So happy to hear from you!

  2. Mel. says:

    Also, the loss of that pizza should be considered a crime against humanity. That place packs some SERIOUS punch in their pies.

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