Spicyland in Savannah – Part 2

WHY do vacations have to end??

I suppose….so you can go home to the real world, rest up, save up, and get ready for the next one.

But still.  The last day is always pretty much a big bummer.

Day three in Savannah:  we returned to City Market and chose the inviting patio at Belford’s for lunch.

Belford's outside

Belford's patio 1

Belford's patio 2

DT ordered the shrimp Po’ Boy – enormous, as you can see.

DT's shrimp po boy

Guess what I had?!

My opportunities for legitimate, southern fried green tomatoes were winding down – oh no!

fried green tomatoes 3

Belford’s FGTs had a crispy batter coating and a splash of pesto to top each one.  The pimento cheese dip was okay – I think I would have rather had an aioli to accompany, but no matter.  I really couldn’t complain.

fried green tomatoes closer

We headed down to East River Street after lunch to explore.

East River Street 1

A cobblestone street, lined with retail and restaurants, and spanning many blocks.  And the Savannah River to your left (or right).

East River Street 2

East River Street 3

East River Street 4

Savannah River

East River Street 5

The giant pumpkin in the window of Savannah’s Candy Kitchen….

big pumpkin 1

big pumpkin 2

Now that was a fun (and sweet-smelling) shop to spin through!

Those stairs again!  Watch thyself!

steep stairs 1

We ducked into Tubby’s just as some rain was moving in.


view from Tubby's

view from Tubby's 2

view from Tubby's 3

We grew roots at Tubby’s for a while but then continued on our way.  Next stop was River House – we sat at a table right outside the door so we could watch everyone walking by.

River House 1

River House 2

DT gave the Chatham Artillery Punch a whirl (and had one to-go, weeeeee) – pretty potent, as you might imagine.

River House hh sign

It wasn’t necessarily that I was hungry at the moment, I just needed one last FGT fix.

These were so gosh darn good, I only wish there had been more.  The pesto aioli was what I was missing at Belford’s.  Mmm.

fried green tomatoes 4

After our time on East Bay, we took a long, long walk all over.

Savannah City Hall

Savannah City Hall

Savannah City Hall 2

Savannah Custom House

U.S. Custom House

Custom House plaque

weepy trees

Across East Bay Street

I mentioned before about the beautiful architecture we saw in both Charleston and Savannah.  For example….

Savannah architecture 1

Historic Davenport House

Davenport House plaque

Savannah architecture 2

The dreary, overcast evening was the perfect backdrop to scenery like this.

Savannah boulevard

Weepy trees

And a stroll through Colonial Park Cemetery.

cemetery entrance

cemetery sign

Colonial Park Cemetery 1

cemetery sign

Colonial Park Cemetery 2

Colonial Park Cemetery 3

Colonial Park Cemetery 4

Duellist's grave 1

Duellist's grave 2

Colonial Park Cemetery 5

Colonial Park Cemetery 6

Savannah boulevard 2

I just don’t have a lot of words, other than WOW.

Savannah boulevard 3

When I imagined the iconic South, this pretty much sums up the visions in my head….

Savannah park

Savannah park 2

Taylor Street

Savannah park 3

Savannah park 4

In a word, dreamy.

Savannah park 5

Savannah house 1

Savannah house 2

Savannah sidewalk

Oh, Savannah….you stole our hearts.  We’ll be back again, but it won’t be soon enough!*

*See Charleston.


3 Comments on “Spicyland in Savannah – Part 2”

  1. Mel. says:

    Excellent. I had to backtrack to the Charleston entries, after reading this: seems like just the kind of place that we need to visit. Thankya!

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