Bathroom Remodel – In Progress Photos

Our bathroom remodel is [nearly] complete!

Most of it wrapped up while we were in Charleston and Savannah, but we had a few straggly things for our contractor to finish and now it’s just a bit of touch-up and accessorizing.

I wanted to share photos of the process so you can see the full spectrum – where we started, the two weeks-or-so of mess (below), and eventually the finished product.

Here are photos of demo day one:

demo 1

(Eeeep!  That’s kind of an unnerving thing to come home to!)

demo 2

demo 3

demo 4


RJ, demo 1

Of course RJ had to check it all out.

RJ, demo 2

demo tub

demo 5

demo 6

After demo day two:

day 2 demo 1

Now both cats are in there snooping around.

day 2 demo 2

day 2 demo 3

day 2 demo 4

day 2 demo 5

day 2 demo day 6

RJ, demo 3

day 2 demo 7

Then one day we came home and we had a new tub!  (A quick first glance made me think we’d accidentally bought a blue tub and I nearly fell over.  No, that’s just the protective wrap, we’re all good.)

tub 2

Drywall, patching, and vanity cupboard too….

vanity cupboard installed

vanity 1

vanity 3

Tiles were laid out so we could choose how we wanted them configured (we chose the top layout).


bathroom in-progress

Tile was glued down the next day:

tile laid 1

tile laid 2

tile 1

tile 2

tile 3

Here was how we left the project before vacation (it was day seven at this point):

bathroom - primer 1

bathroom primer 2

bathroom primer 3

bathroom primer 4

A lot was accomplished that week but there was still a lot left to do (another week’s worth, as it turned out.  Ahhh remodeling).

Stay tuned to see a brand-spakin-new, albeit very beige-y, bathroom!  I’m working on pizzazz-ing it up. 🙂


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