Holiday Baking 2013

Last weekend was just lovely.  I always look forward to holiday baking with my mom….the memories are of the baking itself, of course, but go well beyond that.

It was a little different setup this Christmas – my parents moved over the summer so we had a new kitchen situation.  We handled it like champs!  The oven and timer gave us a little grief every now and again, but we persevered.

We tend to make mostly the same things each year, so I won’t bore you with a bunch of repeat photos….just a few I snapped throughout the day.

pumpkin scone dough

Pumpkin scones, ready for the oven

Cranberry white chocolate scones

Cranberry – white chocolate scones

pumpkin bread, mixer 1

Pumpkin bread….coming up!

pumpkin bread mixing 1

pumpkin bread mixer 2

Bailey napping 1

Meanwhile, our Bailey Louise….

Pumpkin icing elf

My mum, the pumpkin scone icing elf

Coconut snowballs in progress

Coconut-fudge snowballs in progress

We baked well into the afternoon/early evening – the time just flew!  I couldn’t believe how much we got done….we are a well-oiled machine, I’d say.

Beautiful pumpkin bread!

Beautiful pumpkin bread!

Rusks in the oven

Swedish Rusks in the oven

Rusks - done!

Rusks, packaged and ready to enjoy!

Thumbprint cookies in the oven

Thumbprint cookies in the oven

Green icing

Green icing drizzle….Oooo….

Bailey check-in

A Bailey update.  We love her.

Mom cutting key lime bars

Key lime bars….

cutting key lime bars 2

Oh, hi cute elf!

My grandma’s birthday was also Saturday….now that everyone is living in the same town, piggybacking visits is easy!  We hung up our Santa/baking hats and headed over to wish her a happy birthday.  We brought Bailey along….she’s a peppy bright spot for my grandparents.  My grandpa (at nearly 83 years of age) gets down on the floor with her and wrestles, throws and hides toys, and ultimately waits for Bailey to tire out and rest her head on his lap.  It’s both a hoot and very sweet to watch.

Then we went to my new favorite place in the world for dinner:  Sixth Avenue Wine and Ale, a mere three blocks from my parents’ new condo.  I forgot my phone and camera (how?!) so didn’t document the experience, but SAWA could take up seven blog posts in my book.  It’s a delight.  The live music extended our stay by at least an hour (i.e. another glass of wine).  It’s a wonderful, cozy place to hunker down when it’s so blustery outside.  I would kindly ask Santa to go ahead and bring a SAWA and put it three blocks from our house so I could live there every night.

Me, Sixth Avenue Wine and Ale

Oh happy day.

Next time, next time….you’ll learn much more about this little gem.

So, to sum up Saturday:  I just love this tradition, I hope we do it forever.

Mom and me, Santa's elves


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