Bathroom Remodel – Finished Photos

I don’t think I could have spaced these bathroom remodel posts out any further, really….geez.  I apologize.  All that waiting and anticipation, one would think we did a massive, fancy-pants expansion and overhaul, buuuuuuttt….we did not.  It’s pretty much a big, fat facelift on our old, rather mauve-y bathroom.

So, you’ll remember we started here?

old bathroom 6

And then it looked like this for a little while?

demo 2

Well then.


bathroom complete 1

bathroom complete 2

tub - complete

bathroom complete 5

bathroom complete 4

wall/towel bar

tile/grout complete

vanity complete

sink/faucet complete

Then, after we “furnished” it:

finished bathroom 1

finished bathroom 2

finished bathroom 3

finished bathroom sink 1

finished bathroom sink 2

little snowman

new toilet

I think I mentioned before, you’ll notice how very neutral we stayed with everything.  So yes, it’s rather beige-y and boring, but I’m looking for colorful pops to go on the walls and medicine cabinet shelf.  Maybe some new rugs too.

bathroom tile

DT and I bought the vanity and medicine cabinet unfinished from Menards and stained ourselves….I wanted it dark-dark-dark brown.  All in all I think they turned out alright – perhaps would wish for a little more dark, but the pieces are solid oak and not made from particle board rubbish.  I think they look nice and I can live with the shade of the stain.

bathroom vanity cabinet

furnished medicine cabinet

cabinet shelf 2

cabinet shelf 3

We held on to the old mirror – DT and I had really grown used to the size and it would have been hard to let that go.  It easily transitioned to the new look of the room.

No more window!  That is something I have noticed and admittedly miss.  The natural light in the old bathroom was a nice extra glow, especially in the evening hours at sunset.  Now it feels kind of closed off and cave-y.  I know that ultimately we needed to seal off the window….it wasn’t my first choice, but we were really trying to keep the project on a budget and treat it like this isn’t our forever home.  If it was, then it would have been a massive, fancy-pants expansion and overhaul.

A regret:  I wish we’d gotten a longer towel bar.  We ordered the same size we had previously, but now I wish we had a couple more inches.  I don’t lose too much sleep over it, though.

towel bar

Regret number two:  for whatever reason, I didn’t have our contractor rip out the door frame and replace with new.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  So now we have the old frame – caked with layers of white paint.  It doesn’t exactly clash, but doesn’t exactly look fresh and new either.

I do find myself missing the counter space in the old bathroom….there was a ton of room to the left of the sink.  We downsized the vanity width by about eight inches, which really opened up the space between the cabinet and toilet, but then obviously sacrificed counter size.  I can live with this too, it forces us not to litter it up with stuff and I just love the shape of the sink.

finished bathroom sink 3

I also love the brushed nickel faucets and hardware we found – all from Delta.

finished bathroom sink 4

So that’s where we landed!  I’m looking forward to putting on the finishing touches once I stumble upon them, so the bathroom will remain beige-y and boring until then. 🙂

finished bathroom 4

finished bathroom 5

Christmas door hanger


4 Comments on “Bathroom Remodel – Finished Photos”

  1. Looks awesome! 🙂 If you want a longer towel rack, have you thought about returning the new one you have for a longer one? Just a thought… I think it turned out beautiful! It probably feels great to have it finished!

    • Thank you! I did consider exchanging towel rods, but then didn’t want to rip into the walls and redo. We’ll just make this one work and consider it a lesson for next time. Hopefully that won’t be for a very, very long time, though…. 😉

  2. Susan Taylor says:

    It looks wonderful!! I agree, love your sink!!

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