Hardwood Floors Refinish

DT and I checked off another item on our seemingly never-ending house wish list – we had the wood floors refinished on the main level.  Specifically, the living and dining room, hallway, and our bedroom.

[Before photos below….]

hardwood before 1

hardwood before 2

hardwood before 3

It wasn’t a complete refinish with sanding and all that, but the guy we hired buffed the floor to take off the existing finish(es), then added a new poly coat to make it all even and shiny again.

hardwood before 4

hardwood before 5

hardwood before 6

[Now, after….]

hardwood after 2

hardwood after 3

hardwood after 5

Clearing out these rooms was a pretty massive undertaking, come to find out.  It’s like moving within your own house.  Finding places to stash stuff and strategically moving the heaviest and most unwieldy pieces of furniture the shortest distance humanly possible spanned over a week, and reconfiguring everything occupied most of last weekend.  And, on the return trip back into our bedroom for a monstrosity of a dresser, we left a trail of scuffs on the two-day old hallway floor after we didn’t pad it quite enough underneath.  UGGHHH.  Thankfully the nice floor man has mercy on us, got a little chuckle out of it, and told DT it happens more often than you’d think.  He’ll be back this week to correct the error of our ways.

hardwood after 6

hardwood after 7

hardwood after 8

hardwood after 12

So….there are definitely still noticeable scratches and nicks, but it really does look much better.  The color of the wood is more rich and so much less dull with the new layer of poly – these photos probably don’t do it justice.  Plus, it gave us an opportunity to do a little early spring cleaning – washing curtains and linens, dusting, de-furring furniture, and now we have beautiful, CLEAN FLOORS.  Despite all the work to dismantle the rooms and put back together, I’m so glad we did it!

hardwood after 10

hardwood after 11


One Comment on “Hardwood Floors Refinish”

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    The floors look great, can’t wait to see them!!

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