Spicyland in South Beach

Well hello there!

I can’t believe it’s been just over two weeks since we left to head south….naturally the vacation flew (don’t they always), and last week back was a speedy blur of settling in and catch-up.  But here we are, and I have loads of photos to show you!

view from the plane 1

En route

view from the plane

I see water!

view from the plane

DT and I found ourselves happily back in South Beach to kick off our trip, gosh do we love it there.  We returned to our favorite places….The Richmond, Lincoln Road, Espanola Way, Oh Mexico, Yuca, 5 Napkin, The Playwright….and of course, the BEACH and The Richmond’s lovely pool.

We arrived before noon Friday (6 am direct flight – so, so early, but so, so worth it to get there and start enjoying Miami stat).  We changed out of our negative-10-degrees-in-Minnesota layers and into 70-degrees-and-sunny-South-Beach attire (oh, how pasty we were!) and immediately started wandering around.  I cannot tell you how wonderful that warm air felt!

Our first stop:  Oh Mexico for margaritas.  (Duh.)

Oh Mexico mango margarita

From there….

A walk on the beach Saturday morning.  How lucky were we….how lucky for those who get to do that every morning!

South Beach 1

DT, South Beach

South Beach 2

DT and me, South Beach walk

South Beach walk 3

sand castle

Funny sand castle

We spent the afternoon poolside at The Richmond.

Richmond poolside

Seriously, the most relaxing afternoon ever.  Vacation was just beginning, sitting under the palm trees and sunshine….the absolute best!

Richmond palm tree

DT, Richmond hot tub

Later, we decided to walk all the way down the beach to the canal and watch any ships leaving Miami that day.

walk on the beach

beach shadows

ship harbor 1

ship harbor 2

We waved goodbye to two.

DT, ship harbor


Epic 2

DT and me, smooch


harbor sun rays



setting sail

Bon Voyage, Epic and Reflection!

sunset beach

Then, the long walk back.

skip to my lou

Skip to my lou!

skip to my lou 2

hotel on Collins Ave

Loews Hotel on Collins Avenue – last night in Miami.

On Sunday morning we meandered through the Lincoln Road Green Market – we saw this our very first year but hadn’t been back since.

Lincoln Rd Green Market

Green Market 1

Green Market mangoes

Green Market eggs

Pretty eggs

Green Market avocados

Enormous Florida avocados

Green Market organics

Green Market smoothies

Then it was time to head to the port!

ride to the port

Port of Miami


Boarding the Glory

Glory lobby


cruise canal 1

DT and me, SoBe view

cruise canal 2

Serenity Deck

Serenity Deck

beanbags 1

First game of beanbags. I won. 🙂

beanbags 2

whale tail

Here we go!

cruise canal 3

DT view

DT and me, cruise canal

cruise canal 4

Goodbye, South Beach!

goodbye SoBe1

Goodbye, Miami!

goodbye SoBe2

The Glory was bound for Nassau….more on that in the next post!


3 Comments on “Spicyland in South Beach”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Miami! 🙂 Looks like fun. By the way, I like your hair! 🙂 You are lucky you can pull off dark hair or light hair, it looks great!

    • Thanks, Krystle! Miami and South Beach ARE a ton a fun, I hope you can visit someday. You’re so nice to notice my hair! I usually go a little darker for winter, this year it’s quite a bit more brunette but I like the change. 🙂

  2. […] said, we love, LOVE South Beach. I know I’ve said it before in previous South Beach posts (cue broken record) – it’s like our little mini vacation before the other vacation. I […]

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