Spicyland in Nassau

Good morning in Nassau!

docked in Nassau 1

docked in Nassau 2

DT and I visited Nassau on our first cruise in 2009.  We tried a snorkeling excursion on a catamaran, but the weather was cold, windy, and rainy that day – basically we just drank a lot of rum punch. 😉  The return visit was a lot more pleasant.

docked in Nassau 3

Junkanoo Beach was a quick, easy walk from the port, maybe 15 minutes.  It’s public and free, but no riffraff.  A couple of little stands had fruity refreshments available, otherwise the area was very low key.

Junkanoo Beach 3

Junkanoo Beach

Junkanoo Beach 2

Nassau beach 1

Nassau beach 2

Nassau beach 3

Nassau beach 4

The ship left relatively early that afternoon, so we were off the beach by 1:00 and did some walking through town.

Nassau street 1

Nassau street 2

Nassau church

Nassau street 3

Nassau street 4

Nassau street 6

view from the ship - Nassau

Nassau on the ship


The sprawling Atlantis

And we’re off….back to sea!

leaving Nassau 1

Nassau Marriott

Departing fruity drinks from the Red Frog Rum Bar:

fruity drinks

towel friend 1

Monday night’s little friend

Goofing around on the balcony….

balcony time 1

balcony time 2

balcony time 3

balcony time 4

Tuesday was a day at sea – we spent the day reading, napping (me), and playing games, namely Yahtzee and Farkle.  That night was the formal dinner and lobster tails were served.  I made the executive decision that we’d get a little dressed up and go down to the dining room so DT could get some lobster, darn it!

me, mirror 1

me, mirror 2

DT and me, formal night 2

DT and me, formal night 3


lobster dinner 1

All gone, clean plate club!

lobster dinner 2

We were in the casino bar for the rest of the evening, playing trivia and dancing.

DT and me, formal night 3

DT and me, formal night 5

DT and me, formal night 6

towel friend 2

Tuesday night’s little friend

Up next:  our return to the gorgeous St. Thomas!


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