Spicyland in St. Thomas

Can I just say this….St. Thomas is beautiful.

arriving in St. Thomas 1

Absolutely, positively beautiful.

arriving in St. Thomas 2

arriving in St. Thomas 3

St. Thomas 1

St. Thomas 2

We arrived in the port around 11:00 Wednesday morning.  This was my second visit – the first was three years ago on a southern Caribbean route.

St. Thomas 3

DT and I walked down the long pier and through the cruise visitor gates, then to the corner where we could catch a taxi.  $8 per person, one way, would take us to Magen’s Bay, one of the most amazing beaches I’ve ever seen.

The drive to and from was scenery enough….up, up, up rolling hills, scary-skinny and wind-y streets, then back down again, with little glimpses like this:

view of the bay 1

$4 each, admit two.

tickets to Magen's Bay

And here was where we spent our day….

Magen's Bay 1


Magen's Bay 2

Magen's Bay 3

The beach was quite crowded when we first arrived but curiously cleared out significantly after the noon hour.

Magen's Bay 4

No matter….more paradise for us!

DT and I soaked up the sun, read our books, and walked up and down the beach – we savored every moment of our time here.

Magen's Bay 5

DT and me, Magen's Bay

Magen's Bay 6

Like a postcard.

Magen's Bay 7

Magen's Bay bar 1

Magen's Bay bar 2

We grabbed a couple of refreshments from the beach bar – gotta stay hydrated! 🙂

Magen's Bay bar 3

sand castle

I found a funny little sand volcano by my flip-flops.

More views on the ride back to the Glory:

view of the bay 2

view of the bay 3

view of the bay 4

A return visit may find us on an adventuresome excursion to see more of the island, but I have to say – you cannot, cannot go wrong with Magen’s Bay.  Powdery sand, blue water, serenity now….it really does feel like paradise.  It would be hard to stop in St. Thomas and not have that part of our visit.  I’m so glad we made it back!

elephant towel friend

Wednesday night’s little friend

Coming up:  we get a little touristy in San Juan!


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