Homemade Ravioli Dinner

My bff Nancy and her husband Nate hosted a little ravioli-making party and dinner Saturday night.  So fun!

Pasta of Italy

Our ringleader was Gina, below right.  Every New Year’s Day her family gathers to make homemade ravioli and eat a pasta feast.  I love the idea of this tradition!

kitchen 1

You have to feed the dough through the pasta machine about four times to get the right thickness.  Nate is hard at work here:

rolling ravioli 1

Micah and Gina team up to make some pretty pasta sheets:

rolling ravioli 2

ravioli sheet 1

rolling ravioli 3


[Snacks for sustenance]

We had two fillings – spinach and cheese and quattro formaggi (four cheese).

kitchen 2

Sarah stamps out her ravioli rounds:

cutting ravioli 1

ravioli stuffing 1

DT’s up:

cutting ravioli 2

cutting ravioli 3

DT makes ravioli

Gina made another batch of dough and kneads-kneads-kneads away.

Gina kneading dough

Now Sarah kneads-kneads-kneads away.  What a workout!

Sarah kneading dough

Frankie supervising 1

Frankie woke up from his nap just in time to supervise this whole operation.

Frankie supervising 2

Does he look concerned? Just a little?  Or maybe just unimpressed.

Nancy rolled out her dough and plots out cheese filling placement:

Nancy making ravioli

Then it was my turn….

Spicyland making ravioli! 1

Spicyland making ravioli! 2

Spicyland making ravioli! 3

Cheese filling spooned onto the dough –

Spicyland - stuffing ravioli

– then the dough is folded over and I sealed off the spoonfuls with my fingers.  Gina helped me cut them out and use tines of a fork around the edges.

Spicyland - folding ravioli

Our creations – all shapes and sizes!


The little pillows need just a few minutes in the boiling water to cook and become tender:

boiling ravioli

Chero begging 1

Cherokee patiently waits for someone to accidentally drop something so he can have a taste.

Chero begging 2

This face isn’t trouble at all, is it?!

boiled ravioli

[Boiled ravioli]

homemade meatballs

[Homemade meatballs]

cutting basil for red sauce

[Freshly-cut basil for the also-homemade tomato sauce]

Hugs and smiles from Frankie!  (He seemed to warm up to this crazy ravioli idea!)

Frankie and me 1

Frankie and me 2

Time to eat!  Look at this beautiful spread….

dinner table - feast!

And this scrumptious plate….

plate of ravioli



Dessert was courtesy of Micah and Sarah – Sweet Science chocolate mint ice cream (they also brought salted caramel) with biscotti.  Ahhh!  The sweetest ending to this meal.

ravioli dessert 2

I left Nancy and Nate’s as stuffed as our ravioli!  (Stretchy pants now please!)  Thank you, friends, for such an enjoyable and delicious culinary adventure. 🙂


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