Spicyland in Grand Turk

Grand Turk, our fourth and final port!  Waahhhh! 😦

arrival to Grand Turk 1

This was our second visit – it was the first port on our very first cruise back in 2009.  A hurricane had recently rolled through, so much of the beach was destroyed and in disarray.  Five years later, it appeared to be restored.

arrival to Grand Turk 2

arrival to Grand Turk 3

It was another beautiful day – we couldn’t have asked for better weather on this trip, we were so lucky.  I loooove zee blue skyyyys!

Grand Turk pier 1

Grand Turk’s port is pretty easy to navigate:  disembark the ship and walk to the beach.  Like this!

Grand Turk pier 2

Welcome to Grand Turk

Grand Turk beach 1

I loooove zee bluuuue water too!

Grand Turk beach 2

Pretty okay with this view.

beach chair view

We spent some time lounging on the beach, it was a very popular place.

Grand Turk weather station

The conch was hot that day! 😉

Then we wandered up to Margaritaville for a little pool time.  It too was a popular place!

Margaritaville pool 1

Margaritaville pool 2

two ships 2

After Margaritaville we took a walk on the other side of the beach.  A much more desolate, quiet vibe over there.

Grand Turk beach 3

Conch shells were everywhere.

Grand Turk beach 4

DT, Grand Turk beach


DMT+LAT forevaahh

DT and me, Grand Turk

It was a very nice little stroll.

Grand Turk beach 5

Grand Turk beach 6

Grand Turk beach 8

Then it was time to board the Glory one last time before our return to Miami.  Waaahhh!

DT and me, Grand Turk pier

Friday night’s sunset was pretty unbelievable.

Friday sunset 1

You just don’t get to see that every day.  Well, maybe you do, and if that’s the case I hope you never take it for granted!

Friday sunset 2


Friday sunset 3

Friday night towel friend

Friday night’s little friend stole my sunglasses.


After a relaxing last day at sea, we were graced with this moody dusk sky.  I love the gradients of color.

last night 1

last night 2

I love my travel buddy too.

DT and me, last night

DT and me, last night 2

Ohhh.  Why does it have to END?

DT and me, last night 3

We love it here.  I think we will always love it here.

last night sky 3

Goodnight moon.

last night moon

2014 cruise:  The End.


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