2014 Fiery Foods Show

You heard all about our quick visit to Albuquerque….now, let’s talk (and see) about the Fiery Foods Show!

Fiery Foods Show tickets

Welcome to 2014 Fiery Foods Show

The show opened to the general public (i.e. us) at 4:00 on Friday.  We had tickets for both Friday and Saturday, so used the first night to do a preliminary lap and scope everything out.

Fiery Foods t-shirts

Pucker Butt of South Carolina – Ed grows ridiculously hot peppers.

Pucker Butt 2

Pucker Butt 1



The proud Fiery Foods attendee!

hot candies

Spicy candies

jalapeño holders

Jalapeño holders – these are nifty!


2014 FFS, Friday night

Palo Alto Firefighters Pepper Sauce – all proceeds go to Palo Alto Firefighters charitable fund.

Palo Alto Firefighters

Humboldt Hotsauce – we live on Humboldt Avenue, so….cool!

Humboldt Hot Sauce


Chile Pepper magazine

Sticky Sweet

Los Pollos Hermanos!  Lots of Breaking Bad references noted in Albuquerque and at the show, as you might imagine.  I dig it.

Los Pollos Hermanos

DT and me, 2014 FFS

Wrapping up Friday with a nightcap.

We did two rounds on Saturday.

Intergalactic Bread Company and Space Sauce of Santa Fe – right out of the gate.

Intergalactic Bread Co

green chile pesto bread


Sweet and Saucy from Colorado – oh geez.  Please give me an entire jar, or ten.

Sweet and Saucy

Brilliant idea – a local radio station had a booth outside the convention hall, giving away ice cream sandwiches and popsicles.  A very needed cool down after all the HEAT!  (I also just appreciated the treats. 😉 )

ice cream sandwich

Saturday found the show much more populated.

FFS - Saturday

My Daddy’s BBQ of New Mexico – this was good stuff.

My Daddy's BBQ

Casa Noel

chile pepper guy

Chile pepper guy

Golden Toad – their sauces had DT sweating.

Golden Toad

Captain Thom's

Sauce Goddess

Chile Pepper Institute


Pretty chiles!

Frog Bone 1

Frog Bone 2

Yampa Valley Sauce Company – sauce blends of avocado/habanero and strawberry/habanero….both very interesting and beautiful color.

Yampa Valley Sauce Co

Yampa Valley's Habacado

The hottest peppers in the universe

Cervantes 1

Cervantes 2

Little Bar Double


SaSo – chatted with some nice guys and enjoyed their sauce.


DT sampling

Horsetooth Hot Sauce – DT found a local/MN connection with them.  It’s small world after all.


Horsetooth hot sauce

Phil's Gourmet Sauces

Jimi pepper

2014 FFS - Saturday night

The anxious anticipation of unwrapping a popsicle follows….

me and a popsicle 1

me and a popsicle 2

me and a popsicle 3

Black Market Salsa

Cheers!  Cranberry vodka samples.

Cheers! Vodka-cranberry samples.

Simmie J’s – these guys had a bullhorn and were hilarious.  

Simmie J's

chile pepper guy 2

There’s the chile pepper guy again!

me and chile pepper guy

We had such a blast!

It was a little overwhelming at first – there was just so much.  I’m glad we had both Friday and Saturday to take it all in (although for future shows I think we figured out we can get by with just one day).

Everyone we talked to was so nice and no two sauces were remotely alike – it was great to be able to try everything.  There is a lot of passion and spirit behind all of these businesses and their products, it was exciting and inspiring.  Maybe someday Hellraising Hot Sauce will have a booth at the Fiery Foods Show….?  Perhaps!  In the meantime, this was the place to see some of the best of the best, while having quite a lot of fun (and setting our mouths on fire). 🙂

This is definitely on our calendar for next year – we already can’t wait!


4 Comments on “2014 Fiery Foods Show”

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  2. Toad says:

    Glad you stopped by in 2014. Are you planning on visiting the show in 2015?

    Golden Toad

  3. Toad says:

    We’re always in the same spot. Looking forward to seeing you!


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