Dad’s Big Birthday Weekend

I am so woefully behind on all things Life in Spicyland, so this post is coming to you at least three weeks late. Hrm. Better late than never has been my life philosophy lately.

Well, anyway.

My dad turned *60* SIXTY! June 29 AND he [semi] retired March 31, so our family wanted to get together and spend some time celebrating the patriarch. We landed on a July weekend that, remarkably, was open for everyone (you know how jam-packed summer weekends can be). Well, wouldn’t you know it….Sam’s baseball team advanced to the state championship and guess when it was scheduled….just guess. Yes, that July weekend. So unfortunately, DT and the kids couldn’t make it, but we’ve got an August redo on the calendar.

My dad was adamant about keeping it low key, no fuss, no big blowout party – just our immediate family. So that’s what we did.

I didn’t snap photos of every single thing over the weekend, but shown here are a few of the highlights.

My brother, his wife Allison, and I drove up to Alexandria Friday afternoon. We didn’t have any particular itinerary for the weekend – a few ideas of things to do, yes, but no real plans beyond hanging out together, good food on the menu, and some beverages along the way.

We kicked things off with dinner at Sixth Avenue Wine and Ale Friday night, which I must do a detailed post about someday – it is such a wonderful place for so many reasons. I was too busy eating, drinking, and soaking it all up so no real recap on this other than, as always, it was divine.

We woke up to a cool and gloomy Saturday morning. Dustin and Allison were on breakfast duty and whipped up a delightful spread to start our day.

Despite the clouds and drizzle, we headed over to Arrowwood Resort on Lake Darling for an antique boat show they were hosting. Fun to wander the docks!

boat show 1

Visit the Maritime Museum

boat show 2

boat show 3

boat show 4

boat show 5

Dustin, hotrod

Next was a visit to Carlos Creek Winery – a very popular destination in the Alexandria area. We started out with some wine sampling….

Carlos Creek Winery tasting room

wine sampling 1

wine tasting 2

My distinguished brother, deep in thought over his sample.

wine sample 3

….Then moved outside onto their pretty patio to await the live music. And the sun eventually appeared!

Carlos Creek patio

Dad and Dustin

Carlos Creek band stage

Family in a wine barrel!

Family in a wine barrel!

Family 2014

We stopped back to my parents’ and had a late lunch and a little break before figuring out the evening’s plans.

By the way – not only had the sun come out, but it was HOT outside by now! Such a change from how the day began.

Sooo….we should definitely go mini golfing! Casey’s Amusement Park was calling to us.

mini golf 1

mini golf 3

mini golf 3

mini golf 4

mini golf 5

mini golf 6

Certainly no PGA winners among us, but we had a marvelous time anyway!

We worked up quite an appetite after our golf outing and returned back to home base for an enormous, grilled feast. With full bellies after a full day, the whole family retired pretty early Saturday night (#partypoopers).

Sunday: my grandparents came over for brunch, complete with bacon and sausage, eggs (from our chickens!), toast, and fresh fruit. So nice to visit and catch up with them – it just doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should. When it does, though, I’m very grateful.

G&G recently took down a couple of oak trees in their sprawling backyard and donated some of the split wood to DT’s and my Winter Firewood Stash (which, after three winters of burning our fallen oak tree, needed to be replenished!). So, we transported ourselves over to their house after brunch for some chopping and loading.

G&G's yard

splitting wood 1

splitting wood 2

loading wood

Grandpa and Dustin

Grandpa and Dustin

It was a fantastic weekend and I’m so glad we could [almost] all be together to celebrate such a special person. It wasn’t anything wild or crazy, but it was just our family’s speed and really, it wouldn’t have made an ounce of difference what we did. All that mattered was the time spent.

Cheers to you, Dad!


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