Tour de Fat 2014

We were in Des Moines when Tour de Fat came through the Twin Cities last year, so we were excited to return for the 2014 visit! Remember 2012?

painting Loring Park

Tour de Fat afar

It was a perfect-summer-weather Saturday for beers and games in Loring Park. We weren’t the only ones with these afternoon plans – so many people, kids, and dogs came out to join this nutty party.

Tour de Fat ahead

polar bear thing 1

polar bear thing 2

Tour de Fat schedule

DT and the kiddos quickly made a beeline for that addictive bicycle tire totem pole….this wasn’t the only time we stopped!

tire game 1

Two Ranger IPAs, please.

New Belgium marquis

Tour de Fat crowd 1

Tour de Fat crowd 2

The giant Connect 4 game:

giant Connect 4 - 1

giant Connect 4 - 2

The crazy fun house mirrors!

crazy mirror 1

crazy mirror 2

crazy mirror 3

tire game 2

DT and me 1

DT and me 2

The fan bike:

Henry - fan bike

Some hula-ing….

hula 1

hula 2

hula 3

Sam and Henry waited in line for a turn to ride the funky bikes and test drove several over a bunch of laps around the ‘track.’

bike track 1

bike track 3

bike track 4

bike track 5

We caught a little show on the big stage….

stage 1

the guys

On our way out, Sam and Henry explored the strange, furry, polar bear-like monstrosity by the entrance gates:

riding the polar bear thing 1

riding the polar bear thing 2

And of course our ritual photo by the Loring Park fountain….

Loring Park fountain

Taylors 1

Taylors 2

Such a fun afternoon, we love when the Tour comes to town!


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