Dad’s Big Birthday Weekend II

As if one Big Birthday Weekend wasn’t enough, there must be one more!

Our first BBW had a scheduling snafoo for some family members, but DT, the kids, and I made our way back up to Alexandria for a redo. We were even lucky enough to cross paths briefly with Dustin and Allison, who were also in town for a cabin-with-friends weekend.

Inspiration Peak plaque

Our day started with a pretty drive through the country, destination: Inspiration Peak. I can’t believe I have roots in Alexandria spanning my entire life and still had never been here. It’s 1,750 feet high – one of the highest points in the state of Minnesota.

Inspiration Peak hike 1

Inspiration Peak hike 2

The hike up to the top is pretty quick (1/4 mile), but plenty steep the whole way. But when you get there, you get to see this:

Inspiration Peak 1

Inspiration Peak 2

Inspiration Peak 3

And this:

Inspiration Peak 4

Inspiration Peak 5

Henry photographer

Henry capturing the scene.

And this:

Inspiration Peak 6

Inspiration Peak 7


Mom and me, Inspiration Peak

On the way back to town we stopped by Leaf Valley Mercantile for a very late lunch. This is totally our kind of place, and Henry got his cheeseburger.

Leaf Valley tractor

Leaf Valley

Leaf Valley bar

Look familiar?!

Casey's 1

Casey's 2Casey's 3

Casey's 4Casey's 5

Casey's 6

Casey's 7

Casey's 8

Yes, we made a return visit to Casey’s for a fiercely competitive round of miniature golf. We just missed the rain!

It was not DT’s best game. (Teehee)

But Sam and I tied for second place. 🙂 🙂

Dad blew us all out of the water!

We had an amazing dinner a la Chef-Randy-mans-the-grill, and for dessert the guys had a special treat. (Mom and I conveniently volunteered to do the dishes.) BeanBoozled: you spin, and wherever you land is the color Jelly Belly you must eat. Except….more than one flavor is green, or white, or yellow, or black. You might get pear, but it might be booger. It could be coconut, but it might be baby wipes. It could be black licorice, but it could be skunk. Or canned dog food, or vomit, or rotten eggs, or grass clippings. You see how pleasant this sounds.

Beanboozled game


Well, anyway, see for yourself….

Beanboozled 1

Beanboozled 2

Beanboozled 3

Looks like tons of fun, doesn’t it?

Beanboozled 5

Beanboozled 6

Beanboozled 6

Beanboozled 7

Beanboozled 8


Beanboozled 9

Beanboozled 10

Bailey 1

Meanwhile, our sweet, poor, exhausted hound.

Have you ever played Farkle? My family is addicted. It’s a dice game that’s a little quirky to learn at first, but once you do, you’ll want to keep playing and playing and playing. We weren’t sure how quickly Sam and Henry would pick up on the rules and the goofy scoring, but they surprised us and were quickly sucked in.

The game was FIERCE!

And the trash talking was epic.

It turned out to be a very late night – we were all pooped by the time we headed for bed.

Mom even read us a story (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) before tucking us in. 😉

bedtime reading 1

Aww, Mamma. Ever our storyteller.

bedtime reading 2

Then Bailey Louise had to crash the party….

bedtime story 3

bedtime stories 4

On Sunday morning we were rested, refreshed and ready to eat a big breakfast. Fresh eggs from our chicken girls, bacon, toast, cereal….all set for the day!

After digesting just a little, we headed over to my grandparents’ house. Sam and Henry had only met my grandpa once – at our wedding, almost five years ago – and my grandma wasn’t able to be there. So, it was fun to bring everybody together again – I know G&G were just itching to see the guys.

The rain let up just enough so there could be a little outside time. My dad hauled out the old Mule and took the kids (DT included) for a spin. Sam and Henry kicked a soccer ball around the massive yard and did some exploring. Grandma loaded them up on her endless stash of sugary sweets. It was a lovely little visit!

Dad, the kids, and the mule

Mule 1

Mule 2

Mule 3

Mule 4

Mule 5

We squeezed in ONE MORE GAME of Farkle before we hit the road to head home.

Farkle 1

Farkle 2

Farkle 4

Another blast of a weekend in Alexandria is in the books! That the kids could be with us and had so much fun, whatever we found to do, made it all the more spectacular for everyone. Poor Bailey-hound probably slept for days after the Sam-and-Henry-tornado departed! 🙂

tired hound

Like this.


One Comment on “Dad’s Big Birthday Weekend II”

  1. Krystle says:

    Boys will be boys. 😉 Those jelly beans sound pretty gross! haha… Sounds like a wonderful weekend with your family, and that scenery looks amazing! 🙂

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