Spicyland in Houston

Way back in August, when it wasn’t -1 degree below zero outside as it is today, DT and I took a little trip to Texas. Yes, Texas in August. We’ll get into more of that hot insanity later.

This long weekend allowed us to do a few nifty things: visit our dear friends Mike and Colleen in Houston, see Austin (a new city to us and about a three hour drive away), and attend the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival, of interest to us with our little Hellraising Hot Sauce venture.

We spent the first couple of days in Houston with Mike and Colleen. They live in a gorgeous house in a gorgeous neighborhood right on Lake Houston. It was so much fun to see them again and catch up after letting waaayyy too much time go by. But we had exactly zero trouble picking right back up where we left off!

First things first after Mike picked us up from the airport….a boat ride to find lunch and margaritas.

Lunch on Lake Houston

Houston margarita


Lake Houston 1

Lake Houston 2

Colleen and me

Beautiful Colleen and me

We learned that Mike and Colleen share our affinity for Farkle (apparently also spelled Farkel?), except they upped the ante with a “Spicy” version that doubles points. This photo captures perfectly what a lot of our time in Houston looked like:

Spicy Farkle

Spicy Farkel/Champagne/Wine/Cider/Beer


We met Colleen’s sweet friend and neighbor Ronna. She and her husband have an absolutely stunning backyard and view of the lake. We spent our first evening on their patio, soaking in this scenery.

Ronna's yard 1

I mean, really.

I am pretty sure this is some version of Heaven.

Ronna's yard 2

The next day, it was very very WARM outside. Texas in August, eh? Thankfully Mike and Colleen’s pool was waiting for us right outside the door.

Their dogs Winchester and Genevieve also enjoyed a refreshing dip!

Afternoon at the pool 1

Hello, Winchester!

These two are hilarious.

Dogs at the pool

Afternoon at the pool 2

Afternoon at the pool 3

Afternoon at the pool 4

Afternoon at the pool 5

Genevieve at the pool

Hello, Genevieve!

That evening we took a sunset boat ride with Ronna and her husband. I think these photos speak for themselves.

Lake Houston sunset 2

Ronna, Colleen, and me

Ronna, Colleen, and me

Lake Houston sunset 1

Lake Houston sunset 3

Lake Houston sunset 4

Later, Colleen cooked a magnificent southern feast (she’s an Alabama gal) and Mike set off some fireworks.

Fireworks 1

More awesome.

Fireworks 2

Before we left to drive to Austin on Saturday, Mike took us to Tin Roof BBQ and we picked up lunch.

Tin Roof BBQ 1

Positively delicious southern BBQ, and this coming from someone who doesn’t eat meat and only enjoys the sides!

Tin Roof BBQ 2

And with that, we were on our way to Austin.

Honestly, visiting Mike and Colleen is like staying at a spa retreat. We were totally spoiled in their corner of paradise. Their friendship and company is just beyond and I cannot wait to see them again.

THANK YOU, Mike and Colleen!


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