Spicyland in South Beach 2015

I’m sure I sound like a broken record when I talk and post about our annual winter cruise getaway. We’ve been doing this for seven (SEVEN!) years and I must say, we find ourselves in a bit of a rut. A warm, sunny, beachy kind of rut, so I guess it isn’t all bad.

I especially am a creature of habit – of course I love adventure and seeing/trying new things. But for a vacation where you just want to relax and escape the extreme temperatures of the winter months where we live, I find I’m pretty okay with returning to the familiar.

Oh Mexico 1

Back to Oh! Mexico, a favorite spot on Espanola Way.

Oh Mexico 2

That said, we love, LOVE South Beach. I know I’ve said it before in previous South Beach posts (cue broken record) – it’s like our little mini vacation before the other vacation. I actually feel pangs in my heart when we have to check out of our hotel and head to the cruise port (oh, the agony!). I know.

South Beach 2

Our first morning’s walk on the beach.

South Beach 3

South Beach 5

South Beach 7

We know our way around, we have our favorite spots, even our favorite rituals while we’re there. We get South Beach once a year and those two days are just so special, we have to soak it all in.

The Richmond pool 1

The Richmond pool 2

The Richmond pool 3

An afternoon spent by The Richmond’s pool.

The Richmond pool 4

Airplane over the pool

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos from our time there this year (likely some will look very similar to last year’s, oh well). Ohhh, South Beach….I heart you!

South Beach from the ship

We embarked the Carnival Glory Saturday morning. One of our first stops was the traditional beanbag game.

beanbag game 1

I let DT win. Wasn’t that nice?! 😉

beanbag game 2

Norwegian Getaway

The Norwegian Getaway left just before our ship.

The Glory departed from Miami around 5:00.

Departing Miami

Glory smokestack

Downtown Miami 2

Departing Miami 2

Departing Miami 3

Departure selfie

Goodbye Miami 1

Goodbyyyyyyyye, Miami!

Goodbye Miami 2

Departure selfie 2

Off to sea!

We played a TON of Farkle/Farkel on this trip.

Farkle 1

Farkle 2

Night 1 towel friend

The first night’s little towel creature.

DT retaught Backgammon to me and we played that a bunch too. So much fun!


Sunday was a day at sea. The Seattle Seahawks played the Green Bay Packers in one of the championship games that day. It was shown on the big screen by the pool, so we pulled up a chaise lounge and watched.

Poolside football game 1

Poolside football game 2

Viewing a football game on a big screen, poolside, somewhere in the Caribbean, under the blue sky….very cool. It was an exciting game to boot – lots of disappointed Packers fans on the ship that night!

Poolside football game 3

Night 2 towel friend 1

The second night’s little towel creature.

Night 2 towel friend 2

Monday will find us in Cozumel, up next!


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  2. Krystle says:

    I like sunny, beach, ocean, ruts. 🙂 Those are the best!

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