Spicyland in Cozumel 2015

This year’s cruise brought us back to Cozumel, a port we visited two years ago and discovered Nachi Cocom. About that creature of habit thing mentioned in the previous post….it was a no-brainer, we had to return to this beautiful day resort!

Cozumel port 1

Cozumel port 2

Nachi Cocom beach 1

Nachi Cocom beach 2

We easily fell into the pattern of two years ago….lounging and reading with drinks on the beach in the morning, ordering lunch, eating their delicious noon meal, then spending the afternoon poolside. Not a bad day, right?

Nachi Cocom restaurant

Their lunch was served with fresh ingredients, just as we recalled. Lots of flavor and spice.

habanero salsa

Habanero salsa



chicken tacos

DT’s crispy chicken tacos

veggie fajitas

My veggie fajitas

Nachi Cocom pool 2

Nachi Cocom pool 3


Nachi Cocom pool 4

It was pretty much just as wonderful as we remembered. And as you can see, the weather was perfection.

DT and me, Nachi Cocom

DT, are you wearing the same shirt as the last time we were here?? Hahahaha

back to the ship

Back to the Glory….one port down. This is when the cruise really starts to fly by.

Carnival Glory hull

Carnival Sunshine, Glory

Carnival’s Sunshine (formerly the Destiny) parked alongside our ship.

Cozumel selfie

Carnival smokestacks

We hopped around the upper decks as our ship was preparing to depart Cozumel. Fun to peek next door and see what’s happening on the other ship.

view from the top

coast of Cozumel

Cozumel selfie 2

Kind of love this pic.

leaving Cozumel

Adios, Cozumel! Adios, Sunshine!

The third night's little towel friend.

The third night’s little towel friend.

Up next – we make a return stop to Belize and the former Bannister Island, now Starfish Island! Oooo….


7 Comments on “Spicyland in Cozumel 2015”

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  2. Natalie Davis says:

    Great pics!

  3. Karen says:

    Beautiful! A question about cruising and ports of call…I know you can go to local restaurants and the beach, but what pool were you at in these photos? Is all of this close to where the ship docks? Looks like lots of fun! I’ve only been on one cruise, to Alaska!

    • Hi Karen! Thanks for reading!

      The pool shown in this post was at Nachi Cocom – we had a day pass (it’s actually only a day resort) while we were in Cozumel. We grabbed a taxi at the cruise port, it was less than a 15 minute drive away.

      We’ve talked about an Alaskan cruise – that would be so beautiful too! 🙂

  4. Krystle says:

    Looks like so much fun! Is this your favorite Carnival route?

    • Hi Krystle!

      We definitely enjoy the stops on this route, but we actually chose this one because the last port was Costa Maya and we’d never been before. We loved it! Will be posting about that this week. 🙂

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