Spicyland in Belize 2015

We took an excursion to Bannister Island two years ago when our cruise stopped in Belize for the second port. That island has since been renamed Starfish Island and yes, you guessed it, we went back.

Belize sunrise

morning in Belize

Beautiful Belize morning sky!

Belize sunrise 2

Belize sunrise 3

Belize tender 1

Belize tender 2

Belize tender 3

Starfish Island 1

Starfish Island entrance

Starfish Island beach 1

There was good reason to name the island what they did – there are starfish all over in the water. I can’t believe we didn’t notice them the last time we visited.

starfish 1

starfish 2

starfish 3

Our time there was super relaxing….I mean, we were on this little island in the middle of the Caribbean. Just a wee blip in the sea with the sun shining down.

Starfish Island beach 2

off in the Caribbean

DT and me, Starfish Island

It is at this time I will tell you the sad story about my left baby toe. I never thought I’d post such detail about my feet on this blog, or online anywhere for that matter. I know how I am about seeing people’s feet, and I know some people are twenty times more disgusted about it than I am. I’ll keep this brief.

my feet

I think I broke my left baby toe. Broke, or significantly dislocated it. Our second night in South Beach – our room at The Richmond was relatively small and had some funny corners going on. On my way back to bed in the middle of the night, in the dark, little room with strange corners, I very forcefully ran my left foot into the bed frame. I heard a rather unfriendly SNAP and then, ohhhh OUCH.

broken toe 1

It swelled and bruised pretty quickly overnight and the next morning when I pathetically limped my way aboard the ship Saturday. These photos are the aftermath three days later. What a dumb, stupid injury.

broken toe 2

Gross! I know, I’m sorry.

I spent the week with the ibuprofen DT would set out for me and makeshift ice packs while we lounged throughout the days. No big whoop. Just ugly and sore. 😉

I won’t ever show you my feet again, I promise. Well, at least not black and blue and mangled.


seabirds 1

seabirds 2

The tender back to the ship left relatively early in the afternoon, so I’m glad we made the most of our morning on the beach.

Starfish Island beach 3

Belize selfie

Glory in Belize

Belize view

my Belize selfie

I must take photos of me because my husband does not. Hiiiii!

leaving Belize

We witnessed a beautiful Caribbean sunset….

Belize sunset 1

Belize sunset 2

Belize sunset 3

DT and me, Belize sunset

Belize sunset 4

Belize sunset 5

Ahhhh! This isn’t quite like what we see back in Minnesota. Exquisite.

Wednesday brings us to Roatan, next post!


5 Comments on “Spicyland in Belize 2015”

  1. […] next – we make a return stop to Belize and the former Bannister Island, now Starfish Island! […]

  2. Krystle says:

    I have always wanted to visit BELIZE! That’s SO cool there are starfish every where. I must add this place to my list. Hope your baby toe is feeling a little bit better now… You guys seem like such a fun couple. Maybe we will run into each other on a cruise ship one of these January’s. 🙂

    • Krystle, you’d LOVE Belize! Even with the little bit we’ve seen….it’s so beautiful, I hope we have the opportunity to see and experience more someday.
      My toe is healing, thank you for your concern. It’s a good thing we like to relax and be so sedentary on our beach vacations – my foot got lots of time to rest. 🙂
      Wouldn’t that be CRAZY to run into each other on vacation??

  3. Natalie Davis says:

    Awesome pics!:)

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