Spicyland in Roatan 2015

Wednesday morning….I stepped out onto our balcony as the ship was docking in Roatan.

docking in Roatan 1

Perfect timing!

docking in Roatan 2

Another gorgeous (HOT!) day ahead.

Caribbean skies – morning, noon, and night – just slay me. Unbelievably beautiful, without fail.

Mahogany Bay morning

Since we did excursions of some kind at the other three ports on this cruise, it was kind of nice to just hop off the ship here and walk to a fantastic beach straightaway.

Remember two years ago at Mahogany Bay?

Mahogany Bay entrance


I didn’t take as many photos this year, but it was just as we remembered.

view from the pier 1


view from the pier 2

After sufficient Roatan beach/sun/lounging/reading/drinking time – and sweating our ears off, this by far was the warmest stop – we headed back to the ship for a late lunch.

Psssssstt….do you see what I see??

Hellraising Hot Sauce planted

DT and I planned a little covert operation with our Hellraising Hot Sauce on this trip. We planted a bottle of Sweet Suffering at the Blue Iguana Cantina, where made-to-order burritos and tacos are served for breakfast and lunch.

There’s a condiment bar and you can accessorize your meal with a slew of fixings – a variety of salsas, vegetables, crema, cheese, and that’s right, HOT SAUCE. Two big, long rows of hot sauce bottles.

We slipped ours in the first day and made a game of passing by each morning and afternoon to see how much had been used.

The situation was a bit puzzling at times. Some instances Sweet Suffering would be right there in the lineup – others it was nowhere to be found. So we thought we were totally busted; that the keeper of Blue Iguana hot sauces recognized the invader from outside the usual inventory and it was tossed. But then the next day it would be back again. But then two days later, gone once more.

It TOYED with our emotions! Kidding, kind of. It was just fun to see it, standing proudly on a Carnival cruise ship, holding court with the other sauces. And when we could see that it had been used, when there was less sauce in the bottle than there was before….very cool. (DT: “Sweet Suffering is out there, I checked the level – it’s DOWN! People are using it!!” Me: “SHUT UP! Can you believe it??”)

You know, we’re just big hot sauce nerds now. This is how we spend our time.

Roatan sunset 1

Roatan sunset….

Roatan sunset 2

Roatan sunset 3

leaving Roatan

….like I said at the top of this post – Caribbean skies, man.


Roatan sunset 4

Night five's little towel friend

The fifth night’s little towel friend.

Our cruise is winding down….waaaaahhhh! Our last port is coming up, and it was a new one for us – Costa Maya!


Spicyland takes Roatan

Roatan was our third stop and the other port for which we needed to exorcise a previously crummy visit.  As with Belize, I now feel redeemed.

Our view Wednesday morning….aMAYzing!

Roatan 1

Roatan 2

Mahogany Bay is a private beach and a quick walk from the ship.  The last time we visited Roatan, high winds forced us to dock at the older port that was without beach – plus it was drizzly and rainy, soooo….blaaaaahhh.  But this, this was MUY bueno.

Mahogany Bay

Mahogany Bay sky ride

Liberty at Mahogany Bay

Since we were sharing the beach with Carnival’s Conquest, it was a bit crowded, but we took a day in the shade so it wasn’t hard to find a chair under a tree.

Mahogany Bay beach 1

MB beach 2

DT and me, MB

MB beach 3

While DT snoozed, I walked down the beach and to the end of the pier for another view.

Liberty, MB

After we got back on the ship later that afternoon, we walked around each side to see the bay from all sides.


Mahogany Bay, other side

view of MB 1

DT and me, MB view

We set sail and waved goodbye to Mahogany Bay….

MB view 2

Until next time, you beautiful place!

MB view 3

A new discovery on the ship this year was the Alchemy Bar, where fresh, fruity, herbal-y cocktail concoctions were made.

Alchemy Bar

My favorites:  the Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini (the chipotle heat blended marvelously with the tart pineapple juice and crisp mint) and The Antioxidant, with yummy mango and the bright citrus of tangerine and orange – so refreshing!

Alchemy Bar menu

The flavor combinations were so inventive and fun – we sampled a little bit of everything! (Almost 🙂 )

Alchemy Bar drinks

Cucumber Sunrise and The Antioxidant

towel ape

Wednesday night’s gorilla critter

Our last port is ahead….Grand Cayman!