Spicyland in Costa Maya 2015

Our last stop of Winter Cruise 2015 brought us to Costa Maya, Mexico. This was a brand new port for both DT and me, so we were excited to check it out.

DT always does so much research for our trips, I’m lucky that way. Here, he found us another gem in Maya Chan, a day resort about 20 minutes away from the cruise port.

It was a verrrrrrrrrrrrry bumpy cab ride….the twisty backroads were either under construction or badly needed to be. The drivers to and from took it slow and dodged bumps and potholes as best they could.

Maya Chan entrance 3

Maya Chan is a family-run operation. Kevin greeted us at the entrance and proceeded with the tour. As you can already see, the grounds were spectacular.

And yes – that is a dog lying in the sand below….but don’t worry, he’s alive! It’s a little jarring to see that figure in the photo. We counted four dogs that hung out at the resort and on the beach. To be a beach dog….whatta life!

Maya Chan entrance 1

our cabana 1

It was a very rustic place – wood Adirondack chairs and huts lined the beach.

Here was our home base for the day.

our cabana 2

The friendly Maya Chan staff brought welcome drinks along with chips and salsa/guacamole. Their guacamole = SO fresh and delicious!

welcome salsa and guacamole

Maya Chan kayaks

Most of their equipment (kayaks, inflatable floaties and rafts, etc.) was included in the cost of the day pass. We didn’t get too ambitious, though – we stuck close to the beach and explored up and down.

Maya Chan bar 1

Maya Chan beach 1

You can see the cruise ships off yonder.

Their tree house was a fun little perch!

Maya Chan treehouse 1

It was cozy up top but had great views of the water and surrounding resort.

view from treehouse 1

view from treehouse 2

me in the treehouse

The steps back down, though….ayyyyy! Steep and skinny. Those railings got the death grip from me!

Costa Maya beach 3

It was another AMAZING day….the weather on this trip was surreal.

One definition of paradise could include a sunny day on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean, a glass of wine, and a/an [e]-book.

iPad on the beach

I’d say I accomplished all of those things pretty successfully at Maya Chan.

Costa Maya selfie

Maya Chan bar 2

Maya Chan beach 5


When it was time for lunch, Kevin gathered us around their counter, filled with freshly prepared food. A make-your-own-taco bar!

Choose your meat, then add some or all of the authentic fixings – sauteed peppers and onions, pickled onions, beans, cheese, rice, homemade salsa, guacamole, and hot sauce.

lunch buffet

They were so accommodating and offered a vegetarian plate for me.

veggie fajita fixins

I loaded up those tortillas with the beyond-flavorful ingredients….sooooo tasty! Easily one of the best meals we had on this trip.

veggie fajitas

bar kitty

Bar/beach kitty! And can I just say – about a THIRD the size of our big, fat, slobby felines at home!

Costa Maya port 1

Back on the ship, waving goodbye to our last port. Where has the week gone??

Costa Maya coast

The sixth night's little towel friend

The second-to-last night dazzled us with another fiery sunset.

Night 6 sunset 1

Night 6 sunset 2

Night 6 sunset 3

And with that, another cruise in the books. Another wonderful, relaxing, beautiful, fabulous, amazing, leisurely, FUN, have I also mentioned WONDERFUL and AMAZING?, cruise.

Until next winter, then!