Hellraising Hot Sauce at Heat Up Your Life

A couple of weekends ago, DT and I had the opportunity to participate in Heat Up Your Life with our Hellraising Hot Sauce.

Heat Up Your Life poster

This was the first year for the event, also the first time we had a booth for our product. We didn’t know what to expect, but it was such a fun day! About 12 local food producers took part – from hot sauce to barbeque sauce to sauerkraut to salsa to gourmet candies….sampling everyone’s goods was a real treat, literally and figuratively.

Heat Up Your Life - setting up

Setting up.

The event took place in the parking lot of Bent Brewstillery – they were awesome hosts. We worked with the owner/creator of Nuclear Nectar to secure our spot in the spicy lineup, and we shared a space with John from Artisan Minnesota. He was a wonderful booth buddy!

Bent Brewstillery patio

To go along with the “Heat Up Your Life” theme, Bent was pouring a special Ghost Pepper Stout that day. Rusty Taco and Potter’s Pasties food trucks were on hand for extra snacks beyond the samples.

Rusty Taco

Bent Brewstillery taproom

Bent Brewstillery’s taproom.

It was the perfect fall day to drink some beer and enjoy the concoctions of our fellow local food creators. A few we knew from our own commercial kitchen (John, also Tony and Leslie from Isabel Street Heat), or just through word about town, but a lot of these folks we’d never heard of and it was a pleasure to meet them. It was great to connect and see what other delicious ideas are out there, and so close to home.

Heat Up Your Life 1

Check them out in the links above and a few more here….

Lucky’s Hot Sauce

Comfort Candy

Fierce Ferments

Caribbean Heat

Heat Up Your Life 2

There’s Hellraising!

Heat Up Your Life 3

Taproom at night

DT and I are crossing fingers that Heat Up Your Life returns for a second year (and third, and fourth, and fifth….). Many thanks, Bent Brewstillery and Nuclear Nectar!


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